Friday, 1 March 2013

Quilts of the Week 1 March

The tally so far-

 31 quilts this week and 77 laundry bags.

234 quilts and 522 laundry bags for 2013

1235 quilts and 1887 laundry bags in total

Another great week everyone! Some fabulous quilts and laundry bags heading off.  Before the parade of lovelies for this week a couple of quilt announcements.

Just a few notices before the show and tell.

I am still looking for people to quilt for us.  I receive a large number of quilt tops each week and it would be great if I could share the load of quilting among a few more quilters, preferably in Sydney as it is too expensive to pay the cost of postage plus batting for too many quilts.  If you know of any quilters in Sydney either let me know or ask them if they would be interested in getting involved in a good cause.  Bear in mind though that most quilters already donate their efforts to one cause or another so go gently.

The Penrith Sewing Day is coming up again.  Sunday 17th 

March at Penrith Patchwork.  10am to 2pm.  BYO lunch, 

snacks and sewing machine.  Coffee mug not a bad idea 

either.  I will provide all materials for the laundry bags we will

be sewing.

And now to view the goodies.

There is a tutorial for this awesome star - you can find it here?


This little fellow was particularly impressed with this quilt.



 Christine C (WA)


This is Donna's signature and she is a newbie to AHQ but a very welcome one don't you think?

( this is the same Donna who has been with us for a while hence the need to use DeEmEss for our newbie)



Jan-Maree (that would be me)

Judy C

 Jenny and Gale, two AHQ newbies, surprised me with three quilts!

 Karen B


Liz j

 Kaye completed the second quilt made by the children of the Bethany Catholic School in Werribee.

 Liz B
You have to read the fine print on this one!



 Tess (NSW)


 Miriam created this quilt top and I have just sent it off to a chaplain who is going to deliver it to a fellow who was seriously wounded and missed out on one of our Wounded Warrior Quilts because of the route he took to come home.  Our precious wounded heroes need looking after in particular so I am so glad to have found out about him.

 Gayl L is new to us and created this gorgeous quilt.


Just had to show you the pigs in this quilt - gone to a 7RAR fellow of course

The next bunch are all quilted by Nancy from tops either pieced by her and her helpers or donated to her.

And as they say in the movies

That's all folks!

till next week anyway!

except for a quick lovely thank you for a quilt that Nancy sent off.

My husband received a lovely quilt yesterday. Thank you so very much! He said it was 

such an incredible gesture and he loves it. He took a photo but hasn't sent it to me yet 

but I will forward it once he does. Thank you again for your incredible support for our

 soldiers in Afghanistan

New Block of the Month coming up on Sunday!  

We will be doing something a little different!

Till next time.................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. WOW! love that star tutorial, Great stuff! love it all in fact.