Sunday 31 March 2019


...continued for April 

to all the generous people who sew Blocks of the Month to be included 
in Quilts for our Aussie Heroes.
In the normal course of events, there is a new Block on the 1stof each month 
with a new colourway.
This month is a little different as our leader Jan-Maree is not in her normal role of 
doing everything that keeps Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags running 
like a well-oiled machine as she moves through the Rehab process 
after double knee replacement surgery. 
 She’ll soon be back fully in her role but until then, I have taken on a 
small part of her role and find myself unable to put a new Tutorial together.

So, for this month, I ask that you consider making more 
of the Pinwheel Blocks in the March Tutorial. They are a versatile 
and useful block for all over use in a quilt, or as borders, or as joiners, 
or as partial fillers within other blocks.  The colours suggested are
the ones I'm most often looking for to meet the Requests of our Recipients.

 The tutorial for the Colourful Pinwheels Block is
Please click on the link.

I look forward to receiving your blocks.  The address to send to 
is included in the Tutorial.
Remember to include your email address and I will contact you to let 
you know your blocks have arrived.
When Jan-Maree is back in the driving seat of the Blog, the weekly Wednesday
Happy Mail will show the blocks that have arrived in 
the previous week.

The above pictures are of Blocks of the Month sent in during March.

Until next time,


Friday 29 March 2019

Weekly Dispatches 29th March 2019

Hi to all you Happy Sewing People!

I am impressed with the wonderful creative sewing this week.

Thank you to all of you, who are keeping the Aussie Hero Creative work going while Jan-Maree gets herself up and running.  I know that she is very proud of you all.

This year so far we have sent off 345 quilts
and that has brought our total since we started to 
more than 10,480 quilts.
We have also sent off 609 laundry bags,
bringing our total since we started
to over 20,757 laundry bags.

Ann Hnr

Bev F #1

Bev F #2

Bev F #3



BOM Debra S


Bronwyn W #1

Bronwyn W #2

Cassandra and Monika




Fran T #1

Fran T #2


Jacqui D

Janis K #1

Janis K #2

Jan-Maree #1

Jan-Maree #2

Jenny P

Joy H #2

Joy H

Kathy W

Kerry McL #1

Kerry McL #2

Leeanne Mac

Lynn, Dorothy and Wendy

Marilyn S #1

Marilyn S #2

MG, Lynn and Wendy

Pennie T #1

Penny T #2

Ruth S #1

Ruth S #2

Ruth S #3

Ruth S #4

Sam and Sandra #1

Sam and Sandra #2

Sam and Sandra #3

Sue O'D

Susan S

A fantastic week's work!
Thank you everyone for the wonderful work.
I can report that Jan-Maree is working hard on her physiotherapy.

Have a great weekend.

See you round like a rissole.


Thursday 28 March 2019


Do you love to get a letter?  I do.  The thank you letters like these ones really warm my heart!  
I love that the Recipients sometimes tell us a little about themselves or what they do, or something about their just brings a special happy feeling and is a little glimpse into the person they are.   

Let’s start with some messages from HMAS Melville:

Thanks so much for my laundry bag I received today!


I just wanted to say thanks to the person who hand made the laundry bag I received. it is very unique and I like it very much.

G'day Su

It is with great pleasure that I write this email. Thank you so much for the hard work, the many countless hours you have put into sewing not just for me but the countless others. I absolutely love my bag. The design is very creative, very Australian and I love it. The ship was buzzing yesterday when people got to choose their bags.

This laundry bag will not only provide me with a slice of home but also a sense of pride.
Thank you so much for this wonderful gesture.

Good morning

I have recently received one of your amazing laundry bags and wanted to thank you. I really appreciate the time and effort you have put in to create amazing laundry bags, as I will certainly get lots of use out of it.

Thank you again,

Good morning Jan-Maree,

I have been in the Navy for 18 years and this is one of many deployments for me but I just wanted to say thank you very much for looking after our crew with the gifting of laundry bags. Our newer/junior members of Ship’s Company that haven’t heard of AHQ were really touched by the thought and effort that goes into making the laundry bags for deployed members.

The laundry bags make our sleeping spaces a little more homely and we certainly appreciate it.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, again thank you for what you do.

Thank you so much for the laundry bag, you’re putting smiles on dials on HMAS MELVILLE.

Kind Regards,

Dear Robyn,

I’m writing to you because I have just received the most beautiful laundry bag! (My Mum would always read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to me when I was little, so it put a big smile on my face!). I have to say a massive thank you, this is such a kind gesture and all our new laundry bags have really brought some fun colours to our cabins! It was so kind of you to go out of your way and make this, it was a lovely surprise! 
Penrith sounds like a lovely place, white water rafting, paddle boats and music definitely sounds exciting, and like there is something for everyone to do! Your church sounds lovely too, 180 years old is pretty impressive, old buildings are so gorgeous!

Thanks again,
Good morning, Gail,
The purpose of my email is to thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into making the Laundry Bag that I received prior to sailing, I’m sure I’ll make good use of it as its predecessor was a blue one which I commandeered years ago when I was posted to an Armidale Class Patrol Boat, it has provided me good service over the last thirteen years, however is long overdue for retirement.
I’m extremely appreciative of the efforts yourself and the other volunteers in the Aussie Hero Quilts association have done to support us. We as Defence members are fortunate to have people like yourself supporting us from home and am grateful for the time you’ve put aside to make us these items.
Thanks again for the wonderful Laundry Bag.
And here is the rest of the mail:

Good evening Jan-Maree,

I’ve just been lucky enough to receive a laundry bag made by Chris D today. I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to you and Chris for getting this gift to me. It’s a such a nice feeling to know that someone who doesn’t know me cares enough about our work to make me a laundry bag. I feel very fortunate to have received it. 

I’m so grateful to have received this gift. It’s a bit cheesy but knowing that there are people out there thinking about us is a really nice feeling.

Can you pass on my thanks to Chris for me please?

Thanks again.

Kind regards,

Good evening Jan-Maree

My wife, already a recipient, ensured I did not miss out on a laundry bag from your organisation. I received my laundry bag and am very grateful for the effort Luisa has gone to creating this for me. It is a very unique gift, and a wonderful initiative you have established and for that I thank you and your team of hard-working dedicated people who support us. It is very reassuring that people such as you, Luisa and the rest of your team are thinking of us defence members and you appreciate our service.

Once again, thank you.
‘You are gold baby… Solid gold’


JM!!!! I received my quilt today and it is awesome!!!!!  Thank you for leading this great group of volunteers who have brought so much joy to so many! A big thanks to Wendy, Lynn and Arthur for this brilliant design and amazing handiwork! Stunning. With huge thanks.

Dear Lynn, Wendy and Arthur,

Firstly, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW WOW. There aren’t words to describe or express my joy and gratitude for the absolutely beautiful gift I received from you all today. The design, colours and handiwork are perfect!  I had no idea how you would complete my very simple brief but you have far exceeded my wishes and this will be a family heirloom for years to come. Thank you so very much for my quilt, but also for all the many more you have done over the years.

We are coming out of a reasonably pleasant winter. The temperatures are definitely on the rise. We’ll be hitting 40s in a few weeks. When I arrived, it was consistently in the low 50s for about 2 months. The dry heat is fine - it’s the humidity that makes it unbearable. We suffered for about a month before winter.

So, I wanted to write to thank you very much for the quilt (and of course the other goodies as well!).  I’m humbled and thrilled to have received such a lovely gift. Thank you for volunteering and please keep bringing joy to our service men and women!

My warmest regards


Dear Lyn,

Thank you so much for my beautifully designed Australian animals quilt! You did such a great job. It is exactly what I was after! Thank you also for the other treats and postcards!

It was lovely to hear all about your lovely town, your family and the travels you have been doing and will be doing! My best wishes for you and your family.

This is my first deployment overseas; I'm excited to return to Australia, it is such a wonderful country. We are all so lucky.

Thank you once again for my quilt! It will be cherished.

Kindest Regards,

Dear Ruth

I received a message and photos from my son this morning (albeit at 5 a.m.) showing me a beautiful Laundry Bag & Quilt made by a lovely lady named Ruth.  I cannot express my gratitude for your time and effort in making this especially for him, it certainly bought a tear to my eye that his efforts in the Defence Force are appreciated.

He was truly thrilled with his gifts and rest assured Ruth, you will never be forgotten by either of us.  I love the kangaroo with the bar bells and cannot imagine the hours, cost and deliberation it took to do this. Your work has certainly been admired by all our family.

Once again, heartfelt thanks.

Kindest Regards

Dear Melissa,

Thank you for your hard work in making such a cool laundry bag. It was nice reading about your family, and I actually had the laundry bag made with my daughter in mind.

All the best to you and your family.
Kind regards and many thanks,

Dear Sandy, Mary and Violet,

I wish to thank you all for the wonderful Quilt which I received today. I am constantly in awe at the amazing designs that all your talented sewers keep creating. I truly love my new quilt, it will really brighten up my room for the rest of my time over here and will hold a special place at home on my return.

We have a fabulous team over here. We had a great Christmas together and, although we all miss our families, it was good that everyone could come together and make the most of the occasion. Most people were able to talk to their families in the morning before our festivities commenced about lunch time. We had all received care packages and got together to open them.

Being so far away from our loved ones for so long can be quite a challenge, and it is only because of the fabulous people we are deployed with, and the overwhelming support of wonderful Australians like yourselves, that our time here has been a positive and enjoyable experience.

Thank you all again for your support and the fabulous work you do in creating these wonderful gifts. Wishing you a safe and happy 2019.

Kind regards,

Dear Ruth,

It was my intent to hand write a letter to you to thank you for the time, effort and money you have put towards my Laundry Bag but I just can’t seem to get around to it and want to let you know sooner rather than later that I have received it. It is so beautifully made and I will cherish it for a very long time.

Military life is tough on a family but it is people like you that make working through difficult times like this, easier for everyone. You have a beautiful heart and a wonderful talent – I really appreciate what you do.

Thank-you so very much for the laundry bag.


Hi Jenny,

I just wanted to right and say a huge thankyou for your present. I was having a bad day of missing Family and then your package arrived and lifted my spirits immensely. It is perfect for me, I love the bright colours that shake it up from the usual desert brown or army green. Everyone is already jealous.

Thanks for all you do in supporting us, know that it means a lot.


These letter certainly made me feel happy.

Until next time,


Wednesday 27 March 2019

Happy Mail - Blocks of the Month & Quilts 27th March

In the normal course of events, I would be posting a Grati-Wednesday Post 
with all the letters of thanks from our Aussie Hero Recipients.  However, this is a
special time in the life of Aussie Hero Quilts as our intrepid leader, Jan-Maree is
in the process of claiming back her mobility and health with two brand new knee joints.
During this time, her wonderful understudy Gail, is managing the bookwork, records, 
communications, questions and answers etc. etc. and is doing an excellent 
job.  She also has a paid day job, and today she has been present there.
The thank you letters will appear the Blog tomorrow but for now
you can enjoy the pictures of the Blocks of the Month received by
generous patchworkers all over Australia, over the last 3 weeks.

The Sewing Team in Coffs Harbour make these blocks into Quilts for
our Aussie Heroes and take great pride and joy in meeting the Requests of our
deployed Aussie Heroes.  These Requests are sometimes quite unusual
and leave us wondering what the meaning is behind a particular Request!
Sometimes their Request honours their military Service or is to represent 
their favourite hobby or sporting team.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the following ones that have been
made this year.

If you make BOM's, THANK YOU and you might just find some of your ones in them.

Anne H


Darrel R

Woolgoolga Craft Group

Wollgoolga Craft Group

Bobbie S

Anne S

Anne S

Anne S

Christine T


Sue B #1

Sue B #2

Sue B #3

Linda L #1

Linda L #2

Linda L #3

Gail MacQ

Sally R

Until next time,