Tuesday 31 August 2021

Grati -Tuesday 31st August 2021

                                                                 Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Can you believe this is the end of August already! Spring tomorrow, how wonderful! The warmer weather here in Sydney is definitely already starting to show, the days are getting longer and the sun is a little earlier each day. 

How is your week looking? What exciting things are keeping you busy / motivated? 

For now, how about relaxing with some beautiful notes :)


Hi Beverley,

There is not enough words to express my gratitude for my quilt and laundry bag, thank you so much!

I enjoyed hearing about your stories and endeavours to fill my life with so many wonderful memories as well, unfortunately I will have to pause these whilst COVID is a thing.

My family has a long history in the Military, I am however the only female to have joined as well as the only member of my family to be Navy!

You have managed to capture everything I love into one beautiful piece of art, and it reminds me so much of home, so thank you again.

Stay safe in these tough times, 

Kind Regards


Below is a wonderful photo sent to us at AHQ from HMAS Sydney Chaplain with all the laundry bags and quilts delivered to them whilst they have been offshore. There are still more to be created and delivered but this is a fabulous view of the task achieved to date, don't you think?...


Dear Dianne, Heather and Dot,

I got a short notice to attend COVID Assist, so I packed my staff and come to the brief in a rush.

I was a bit sad when I left home because I forgot to pack my laundry bag, but as you may already know, I got the best gift from you guys on that brief meeting.

From your letter, I know you already did this for years, and I want you to know that this bag is very useful for me and it does make me feel warm and supported.

I was born from overseas. I joined the Army because I love this country and the people living here, but the language barrier still make it harder for me on the daily life, but whenever, I feel sad I can always get support from people like you guys. 

I will try my best to serve the country and the people.

Thanks again.


Good Evening, 

Just emailing you tonight, to thank you for your lovely laundry bag. Your kindness is very warming.

We received this as a gift for starting our COVID Assist operation.

Thank you so much.


Thank you so much Aussie Hero Quilts! My 19 year old niece just received her gorgeous unicorn laundry bag, and she said it reminds her of her Nanny. 

Thank you Jenny, for the lovely message and gorgeous laundry bag. She was deployed on COVID Assist mission with not much notice, and just loved that. XOXO


Hi Ruth,

Thank you so very much for my laundry bag. I absolutely love it and it has made my day. This deployment has been very challenging with the COVID situation. It is nice to have a laundry bag that reminds me of my passion for sailing and the reason I joined the Navy.

I also have a turtle at home, so this laundry bag is me through and through.

I hope you haven't been too effected by COVID.

Thank you again.


Good Afternoon,

I was lucky enough to have received my laundry bag in the mail today. 

I just want to say a big thank you!


Good Afternoon Bridget,

I am the Tactical Data Link Advisor aboard HMAS Sydney. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the amazing quilt and laundry bag that you have lovingly put together and sent to me. I received them during our Combat System Sea Qualification Trials to the United States.

The first time I heard about Aussie Hero Quilts was whilst deployed to the Middle East Region in 2016. That was a very tough deployment for the ship, and sadly we lost one of our brothers whilst on shoe respite. Upon return to Fleet Base there were a number of the ladies who made some of the quilts and laundry bags on the wharf alongside Jan-Maree, which was a lovely gesture to finish our deployment.

I can't recall if it was after that deployment or during that there was a fire that destroyed a signifcant amount of the quilting equipment owned by Aussie Hero Quilts. I recall our Commanding Officer jumping on the Main Broadcasting System to allow us all to know what had happened. 

Darwin decommissioned shortly after in 2017 and I was lucky enough to go through the process as a Leading Seaman Anti Submarine Aircraft Controller. I recall Jan-Maree return to the ship prior to our decommissioning to thank us for our donation with our own Darwin Laundry Bags which were embroidered beautifully with our ships crest. This along side my South Sydney bag that I am now using onboard that hold significant place in my heart with my experiences on board that ship and with the kind souls at Aussie Hero Quilts.

Now for a little about me; I am Petty Officer. I am 27 years old and joined the Royal Australian Navy straight out of year 12 from NSW. My family background is heavily farming with both my mothers and fathers side conducting a mix of dairy, beef and produce between them. The going has been pretty tough of recent with the drought back home but the recent rains over the last 12 months have been a great relief and is slowly allowing us to return to normal practices. Slowly but surely.

I decided to join the Navy in 2012 at the age of 18 as Combat System Operator. Most people from my town, became farmers, mechanics or go to University. So joining the Navy was quite different from the norm. I am also the first member of my family since the 1940's to conduct full time Military service of which I am very proud.

My mother and father still live in my home town, and my two brothers live close by. Recently my father quit his job as a mechanic and has taken over the farm from my grandfather who has recently gotten to the age where working the farm by himself has become a bit too much. My mother works at the local school as a teacher, which she loves.

Since joining the Navy, I have served on HMA Ships Maryborough, Ararat, Parramatta, Ballarat, Sydney (IV), Darwin, Hobart and presently am serving on Sydney (V) since 2019. Totaling 8 years of sea going service. I have always loved the Navy since joining in 2012 and am extremely proud of my service. What fills me with joy is patriots such as yourself, who are more than happy to dedicate their time and support people within the ADF with gestures such as the quilts and laundry bags you create.

Once again, thank you so much for the quilt and laundry bag. I hope you and your family are remaining safe in these uncertain times.



Hello Anne,

I am 25 years old, and based in Queensland currently on deployment in Asia.

Today, I received my laundry bag that you kindly made for me, and I love it!

I grew up in Queensland, where my family and friends still live. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I am the youngest. 

I have been on deployment for 1 month and hopefully will return in the next few months.

Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into making the laundry bag. I will definitely use it all the time, as it's the first one I have received.

Take Care.


Dear Sue,

I would like to start by saying how grateful I am for you beautiful blanket. It truly means the world to us that you amazing people take the time and passion to share your talents and generosity. It truly brightens our day and is a  highlight of our time to receive something so special in the mail. I hope your family cherish your heart and beautiful gifts.

I am a mother of two beautiful twins who are 8 years old. They loved the quilt when I called home to show them. One like me, loves fantasy and thought the phoenix is amazing, the other has always been fascinated with outer space, and loved your fabric. 

I can't wait to take this home, snuggle up under it and watch the stars through our telescope together.

Please pass to everyone at Aussie Heroes and those that support you.

With thanks.


Good Afternoon Marilyn,

I received your beautiful laundry bag today, with your letter inside.

We are currently preparing to deploy on Operation COVID-19 Assist to work with State Police to contain the COVID outbreak on the East Coast.

Your laundry bags are really important to us - not only are they cool designs, but they help us distinguish our laundry when we have to wash our clothes. Due to the nature of our work and the virus, we have to get our washing professionally cleaned and separated from the laundry of others on base.

You beauty! It's not everyday that someone does your washing for you.

I particularly love the design of my bag - I grew up in the country so have become very affectionate of my farm animal-themed laundry bag. I love it.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and considerate gift, it makes us feel loved and appreciated- and that means a lot.

With sincere thanks


Enough from me, hope you enjoy the read!

Monday 30 August 2021

Request List 30 August 2021

Good morning, 

Another week of Sydney lockdown and between my working from home hours I have enjoyed fitting in some long bushwalks, overdue gardening tasks, trialling new recipes and of  course an Aussie Hero project, or two! I love sewing laundry bags so have added a few to the pile of random bags heading out to troops serving on Covid Assist duties. My quilting skills remain a work in progress but nonetheless I press on albeit slowly. Every bag or quilt we create and send off carries sentiment of comfort, love and support to its recipient.  Will you choose a quilt or laundry bag to sew this week? I am looking forward to hearing from you 😊


When selecting a request, remember, you do not have to include everything they have asked for.   Footy quilts do not need to have the logo or even the team name. Using the team colours is all that is required. Simple is perfectly acceptable.  A number of these requests have given you favourite colours as well as footy teams or other hobbies and interests.   It is fine to make a quilt using their favourite colours and include only one of their interests.  It is fine to keep it simple.

If there is more than one request on this list that you would be happy to do I suggest that you send me a list of requests and tell me how many you want to be allocated….i.e. one of the following please….  There are always a few requests that everyone wants to do (and I can never pick them) so if the first one you ask for is taken then I can allocate another from your list if I have a list.

Cheers for now,

Clarissa and Catherine

Essential info and weekly updates .....

Any queries you might have, please don’t hesitate to contact via the AHQ email as per usual with any queries and we will assist you from there.  We may not know the answer but it will be our pleasure to research and get back to you.  You may find your query is answered by me or one of the admin crew – we are here to support you.  We will be ‘on duty’ in rotation.

A reminder , when  you are ready to post  the quilt or laundry bag you’ve created, please use the PMKeyS number given you in any correspondence with the admin team.  This helps the volunteer admin team keep a track of what’s been sent etc.  The PMKeys number is included in the address details we supply for your recipient e.g.  the 7 digit number in red below. Also, please use the Aussie Heroes P O Box address on your parcel in the event the parcel is Returned to Sender -  the PO Box is a safe place in the event of  any mishaps with postage.

Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags)

PO Box 248, Cherrybrook,

NSW 2126

CPL Wanda Quilt 8765432

TG 3456



Sydney NSW 2890


Don’t forget to take a photo of your completed craft, email to AHQ with the name and PMKeyS of the recipient and we can include in the Weekly Dispatches blog and also add to the tally of quilts and laundry bags sent off to the troops.  I personally love viewing the photos of those projects dispatched – so inspiring.

If you are using a AHQ supplied prepaid satchel please kindly use the AHQ address – also for your own packaging – if a parcel is Returned to Sender it is likely we can expedite its journey to the recipient from Sydney.

 Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags)

PO Box 248

Cherrybrook  NSW 2126

as the Return / From address on the reverse and also please hold on to the Tracking number – we’ve experienced mail delays lately (haven’t we all?) and having the Tracking number is very reassuring to keep an eye on the parcel’s progress in arriving at its destination.

Don’t forget, if you look at today’s Request List and need help choosing, please feel free to get in touch to discuss, we will be ready to reply and offer guidance by email. Our goal is to help you find a request that you will be comfortable with doing. If you need a crest etc we may be able to post embroideries / printed fabric images or email some of these to you. Helpful info may be gleaned here  http://aussieheroquilts.blogspot.com/2019/07/information-post-for-those-that-sew-for.html    I look forward to seeing the photos of completed quilts and LBs when they are ready to post off.

As aforementioned I will respond to your emails when you respond to select a quilt or laundry bag to sew.  But please don’t delay, make your selection, send your email through, say “Hi”  and let me know what you’d like to sew this week.

Wishing everyone a super week of sewing.

Clarissa, Alex, Courtney, Lisa, Kylie, Catherine, Jan-Maree, Ben, Chloe and Veronica

P.P.S.  Don't forget to check out AHQ on the Blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


PRIORITY  Requests  –  16 – 23   are on the must get done list this week. Can you help?  – I’d love your help getting these on their way to forever homes?  We need to have these quilts in the mail by 16 September – thank you!!! Quilts 1M -15 are next in line for priority.

The post by date for all other Requests on this list is 3 October 2021 please or earlier if you can manage this.  If you cannot make that date, please let me know.   Do reach out if you have any timing issues and we’ll resolve one way or the other. I realise Covid lockdowns are a spanner in the sewing machine!!  And again we must expect mail delays. PLEASE note the date and let me know if you have any problems getting your quilt/LB away on time. In fact, if you are going to be late posting it please let me know BEFORE you post it.  Also, if this time frame is too tight for you, there are options, just email me to discuss, thank you.  There are a few unloved requests that have been lingering  - if you can help with one of these please email me .....mostly early numbers on the list. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE copy the ENTIRE line if you wish to nominate for a quilt or laundry bag.

For example….

Marvel Theme. Ironman     M       LB      1

This is really important to make sure that neither you nor I copy the wrong number which could lead to me giving you the wrong details for specific request.  If you find it hard to copy and paste, please copy the line out as follows… 

Decoding The Columns

The first column is the theme or preferences requested.

The second column indicates the gender of the recipient.

The third column is as follows.

B=both quilt and laundry bag (feel  free to nominate to JUST do the laundry bag if you wish)

Q= just a quilt

LB = just a laundry bag

F= female

M= male


Please let the Admin crew know if you have any other questions....Just email friendsofahq@gmail.com

LBs for Covid Assist August 21

Remember - If the recipient has requested, I will arrange an embroidered crest for you to piece / applique. ...e.g. Rising Sun, RAAF , crest, RAN crest, Skippy (Infantry) badge, RACT, RAAOC, RAAMC, Signals, RAE, RAEME , Boxing Kangaroo, Centenary RAAF, Tri-Service etc . Additionally, if you prefer not to applique, we can arrange an embroidered text patch if there's lengthy wording the recipient has requested. We can also offer pics of military themes incl aircraft silhouettes and ships which are fabulous for applique

Fave Colour Dark Blue, Australian Green+Gold, Sydney Roosters, NSW Blues, Wallabies (Rugby Union), Leeds United Football Team, Tweed Heads

Planes, fast/fighter jets (Top Gun). Racing Cars and Monster trucks and the colours blue and red. Cricket (Sport). Thanks

Quilt RAAF Centenary - airforce planes of all type old and new ( black silhouettes), RAAF crest
Laundry Bag = sportsbet on one side, Ladbrokes on the other.
Quilt: NQLD Cowboys, beach, Army colours,

Rugby Union, Green, Board Gaming

Quilt: White , celebrate 100 years of RAAF, RAAF crest, Aus flag, C130J plane

Army / ANZAC, Manly Sea Eagles

Rising Sun, Army theme plus incorporation of some Middle East motifs please.

Rainbow / purple / army camo colouring and any of . ........superheroes, outback Australia, war planes and ships and tanks. Clouds and planes, waves/anchors, Military, Middle East, Tri-Service crest (We can supply) , a quill/ sword/ lightning bolt.

Playstation - Video Games, Black and Red - Perth Wildcats - BasketBall

Anything Suzuki (not the motor bikes), 4 wheel driving, camping, Suzuki Jimnys. Fluro yellow

Marvel superheroes (Venom), transformers (decepticons)

Blue, red, black, green. RAN Navy theme and computers

Purple, pink, black. RAN Navy theme

Holden, Boats, Guns

Beach, palm trees, jeep wrangler

Australian Flag, British Union flag and the English (St George Cross) , Afghanistan, Iraq flags. A touch of Military history; Boer War, both World Wars, ANZACS, Gallipoli & poppies. I am a keen Rugby fan and follow Waratahs, Wallabies, England and British And Irish Lions Rugby.

Helicopter over a Submarine. Ship's Crest, (Photo Available), RAN Crest

Blue or Black, Gamefishing, Diving, Boating etc

Colours of the Sunset

Mostly Black, Ship's Crest (photo available) To include name "XXXXXX".

Snowboarding, Mountains, Snow etc.

Poppies, PNG, and RAAOC Corps badge plus a crest . LB Sydney Swans and North Queensland Cowboys.

IT, Binary code, Cyber theme would be great. Think the Matrix with a little bit of Army, green, blue, gold, black.

Tropical theme and water + RAN crest

Maroon and Yellow, ARMY, Rising Sun, Royal Australian Armoured Corps (RAAC)

Blue, fishing, cars





BRISBANE LIONS (AFL- Maroon, Blue and gold), BEACH



RAAF theme with bright colours. Thank you!

Pink, Grey, Black and white, desert with camels and sunsets. AMAB 2021

Australian Flag. Dark blue, light blue, white, Light brown dog, Black cat, Garfield the cat, House next to a lake, fishing, Vegetable garden

RAAF crest, aviation, military, Australia, Rick and Morty etc

Sky blue with Manchester City Football Club logo

Jack Daniels / Black / grey colour

LB - Bob Marley, motorcycles. Q- Beach theme, Rising Sun, Aus flag

White and turquoise - Nature theme

Blue, white, gold. North Queensland cowboys. Rugby. German Shepherds

Realtree hunting camouflage / patterns , catfish noodling, taxidermy, jack daniels

Crossfit, Gym, Dogs, Pink, 4WDs

Rugby Union, Motorbikes, Music, dogs, blue.

Iron man/ MARVEL Characters. Also D.C CharactersMBoth47
Australian Flag, Rising Sun, RACT CREST, the UN Logo, the South Sudanese colours, UN Colours, African colours and patterns. If not too much trouble, I would really like a small patch / section with my PMKeys Number, rank and name.

Colours: Autumn colours (burnt orange, reds/maroons, sandy yellows

Interests - camels, fawn coloured greyhounds

Dogs and Cats - BLue

Baby blue, baby pink, rusty orange.
Camels, desert theme, palm trees.

Pink Floyd - electric guitars

Australian themed quilt in pastel colours, Australian themed animals and fauna with rising sun and/or JTF633 kangaroo logo.FB53
Australian Fauna- incl kOOKABURRA, platypus , Golf, 7CSR, Green

Quilt: Australian Flora and Fauna and a little camel somewhere on the blanket
If able: 'Australia' written in 'Arabic' on quilt

Laundry bag: Pastel colours and a little camel somewhere on the laundry bag
Happy for you to add your creative flair :)


Comic book covers & Spiderman

Star Wars themed "xxxxx" in white block letters

Beach, Surfing, Kombi Vans- Blue/GreensFB59
RASIGS design using the 'Jimmy' Badge as the centre piece, with 'Certa Cito' printed below. The colours are white on royal blue, Australia flag where you can fit it and AMCU (camouflage) elsewhere. Australian National Flag Laundry bag with xxxxx written somewhere please.

Geek or nerd/ computer related if any. Black/Blue with writing "Op Accordion 2021"

Quilt with a Scottish / Tartan theme

Any or / combination of country wildlife with of Aboriginal art (sun, native trees, walking man or group, Kangaroos, bull and crocodiles for sure. Some iconic mountains, beaches, national forests kind of pictured. 4wding and clay shooting. Something related to Army related on the quilt as well on the quilt. Some geometrical designs with writing "Op Accordion 2021"MB63
Dark Blue or Black Laundry Bag with 'NAVY' in White block letters, and 'xxxx' written smaller somewhere, please

Great Barrier Reef, ocean, blues/greens, "Op Accordion 2021"

"Military green, alternative patchy colour background. The southern cross in white stars and a large boxing kangaroo with red gloves underneath the southern cross.
Block white text at the top reading 'RAINF'.
Block white text at the bottom reading 'xxxxx'."

RAAF blue with night sky and stars. Crimson rosellas and waratahs, RAAF Roundel and the year 2021. Thank you

Baby blue quilt with 'NAVY' and 'xxxxxx' written on it, please

Army Green quilt and bag with Army written in bold black letters with various rifle and pistol pictures please


Army Green quilt and bag with xxxx written in bold black letters on the side, please

POTTSY' on the foot of the Quilt and centre of the Laundry Bag 

Army Camo Pattern with the names xx, xxand xx on it, please 




BLACK QUILT WITH deployment logos , THANK YOUMB77

Dental assistant- RAAF

Women In nursing

I was a medic for 17 years before commissioning as a Nursing Officer at the end of last year. So something that shows my history as a medic and now as a nurse would be great.

Anything Australian themed if possible.

- Medical caduceus or medical cross incorporated somewhere if possible.
- Incorporate names of deployments in a medical role: Afghanistan (2013), Pakistan (2010), Papa New Guinea (2009)
- Favourite Colour: Blue

I love all things Australian native and/or country themed - I even have a tattoo sleeve of Australian native flowers to remind me of home no matter where I am.

loves all things craft ( knitting, sewing etc), walking, catching up with friends-with bubbles

anything Australian, navy, dental branch, Anzac day.

Something Pakistan related, a medical symbol, X-ray / radiation symbols. I also love native animals, forests and butterflies.

Navy Health Services crest and general naval theme

I love water colour tones and florals, or maybe something medical related? I’m a radiographer/sonographer (X-rays and ultrasounds) if that helps :) Also a huge Harry Potter fan.

If possible I’d love to have the Army Nursing Corps badge plus the Navy Health Services badges spread across the bag.

I would love to receive a bright, bold & cheerful quilt (my only request is not pastel colours) that reminds me of home when I’m away on deployment; I grew up in the outback (Broken Hill) & now live in Darwin.

I enjoy history (including nursing history) and I love gumtrees/ eucalypt and native Australian flowers like eucalypt and wattle.

Anything but I love Union Jack and blue is my favourite colour.


Navy/Nursing/Medical/Teddy Bear theme to commemorate my first operation.

I love pinks and yellows they remind me of my daughter


Australiana, RAAF crest

Preferences: Green/White/Plants

RAAMC symbol and military theme. Royal Australian Army Medical Corps badge and colours.MB109