Extra things you can include

If you wish to, you can fill up your box to the 2kg weight with a few treats but please know that this is not necessary and you should not feel obligated.  Sending a quilt or a laundry bag plus a letter is really enough and the guys and girls can get other edible treats in the care packages that are sent regularly by other generous Aussies.   

Please stick the list but if you have any other ideas don't be afraid the check with me.  I had the mother of a current member over there check over the list and a lot of these also came from my friendly Warrant Officer's wife.

The following list is for those on the ground - for sending to HMA Ships see bottom of the page.

Dried fruit,
Individual sachets of drinking chocolate, coffee,
Tea bags
Lollies, chocolates – look for things that are typically Australian – I have found the following ones to be very popular – The Natural Confectionary Company, Smarties, Jaffas, Caramello Koalas, Violet Crumbles, Crunchies, Strawberries and Cream, Minties, Mint Leaves
Biscuits – Timtams ANZACS – although I believe that they receive a tin of ANZACS from the RSL at ANZAC time anyway.
Microwave popcorn
Individual Packets of Twisties, Cheezles, Shapes, savoury biscuits – these are great packing and light
Beef jerky
Extra chewing gum
Space sticks
Small tins tuna and tuna and crackers packs
Yogurt muesli bars
Wet wipes travel packs– these are great for freshening up between showers and wiping away the dust,
Toilet paper – a good soft brand – seal in a plastic bag
Travel packs of tissues
Lip Balm
Cream for dry skin- extremes of temperature, both hot and cold, is very drying to the skin 
Granulated face wash – this is one of the few things that the guys we support actually asked for – they usually won’t ask for anything! – seal in a plastic bag.
Soap holders, nail clippers
Emery boards - paper ones
Kleenex toilet wipes
Baby powder
Isocol spray (mini)
Nivea face cream with sun screen
Note pad, writing paper, envelopes- Officeworks has bulk packs of small lined pads or small spiral notepads
Blank cards to write home
Pens- place in a ziplock bag just in case they leak
Pack of cards
Magazines (health and fitness, sports, fishing, outback living, even gardening and New Idea!
Books (no romance novels)
Recent Sport sections/Travel sections/ Crosswords and sudoku pages/property sections from the papers
Small travel games - chess, ludo, checkers
Mini books of sudoku, crosswords, word search
Black or white socks
Dark beanies 
What not to send: 
You have to remember these boxes will be inspected by Afghani customs. 
clothing other than socks and beanies
clothing other than socks
magazines with naked women
any religious materials

What to send to those at sea
The following information was provided by one of the Ships' Chaplains  and I am currently seeking an updated version.

Basically send anything (food wise) that won't melt.  People seem to like biscuits (like pizza shapes), bags of lollies (like snakes, mixed lollies, mentoes, fruit tingles, life savers, chewy gum), small tin food (some like salmon, tuna), some types of cheeses in tins or fully wrapped and in cardboard (like cheddar triangles), cup-a-soup, - assorted nuts with or without fruit are very popular, potato chips in tins - (like pringles).  Non-food = magazines, puzzle books, mini-puzzles, socks (people are always loosing a sock in the wash).