Friday 28 February 2014

Weekly Dispatches 28 Feb

Greetings from Adelaide.  Tales of my adventures in the city of churches will be shared next week, including, if I remember to take my camera, photos from the dinner tomorrow night. In the mean time though here are the quilts and laundry bags that have been sent off this week.

140 quilts and 204 laundry bags for 2014.  

2491 quilts and 3917 laundry bags in total.

Anne H

Annette S

This was created from BOM blocks and put together on a sewing day.

Pieced and quilted by the Camden Country Quilters Guild

Cath W



Jenny and Gale

Jenny and Gale, created from blocks sent in by Anne


Cut out by me and sewn by girls at one of our sewing days.. I added the Rising Sun and then Belinda quilted it with Kangaroos


Front and back by Joan




Lynn created this quilt top and Joan quilted it


Stephanie D

Front and back by Stephanie D

Susan P

and the back



Till next time............keep spreading the word and happy stitching! JMxx

Thursday 27 February 2014

One more sleep till Adelaide....

Only a short post tonight as I am packing to go to Adelaide tomorrow and trying to get everything else sorted as well.

As you know some of the quilts have started to arrive on HMAS Darwin.  One of those, pieced by Carolyn and quilted by Keryn, went to someone who works closely with the Captain.  He was kind enough to take the time to email me and tell me how beautiful he thought the quilt was and how excited the recipient was to receive it.   In addition he gave me this message to pass on to all of you.

Thanks for all your lovely work and the joy you have brought to my crew. Whenever I speak to the crew about the quilts or laundry bags, I inform them how this is a demonstration of the generosity and support the people all around Australia have for the important work that they are doing. This results in a spring in their step and more dedicated and focused sailor to achieve operational outcomes.

Again, it is nice to know we are making a difference in our own small way. 

Also, I received a parcel this week containing some great fabrics that will definitely come in handy.  The parcel was from Liz who wrote

"I truly believe you are ALL amazing at Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags.  If ever in doubt, know you are appreciated, especially by this Navy Mum."

By the way we had a great response to the quilt packs Caroline put up last night with people putting their hands up to complete quilts from Packs 1 and 3.  If anyone is interested in working with Pack 2 it is still available.

Lots of people are telling me how much they are enjoying this month's BOM and are looking forward to the next one.  Well, March's BOM block will be out on Monday night.  It is a "Two For One" but you will have to wait and see what that means.  

The next Penrith Sewing Day is coming up on Sunday the 23rd of March.  If you can come I would love to hear from you. It will be held, as always at Penrith Patchwork from 10am to 2pm.
Hope to see you there.

I am really looking forward to heading to Adelaide.  The recipient of the H quilt will be coming along to the dinner and receiving his quilt.  It looks just fabulous.  The blocks are all great and the quilting that Kym finished it off with is just the perfect touch.  Personally, I think he is going to be blown away by it!  Can't wait!

As always, the following people are on my list for having sent off a quilt or a laundry bag this week.  If you have sent something off and have not been mentioned here please let me know.  I will be busily running around prior to leaving the house tomorrow morning so the only time I have to write the blog post for tomorrow is tonight.  Any photos not received by 6pm tonight will be included in next week's post.  

Anne H
Annette S
Jenny and Gale
Stephanie D

I better go and tackle the packing!  

Till next time.................keep spreading the word and happy stitching.  JMxxx

Wednesday 26 February 2014

happy mail Wednesday 26 Feb

Hi all. 
Just before we go on to Happy Mail I want to respond to a few comments and questions I have received of late.   As we all know at the end of last year there was a lot of publicity regarding the withdrawal of our troops from Tarin Kot/Uruzgan Province.  Many areas of the Media reported, incorrectly, that "all our troops would be home by Christmas".  

Obviously nothing could be further from the truth.

Also, I have had a few comments and queries from people asking if the demand or the number of requests has reduced seeing as we have less people over there.  It seems a reasonable assumption that with 800 fewer people deployed there would be less people requesting quilts but actually that is far from the case.  There may be less people deployed but we seem to have a very similar number of requests and that is most likely because word has spread and so has our reputation. 

I have been lucky in recent months to have been in contact with an officer who travels to just about every nook and cranny of the Middle East Area of Operation and they have remarked to me that every where they go they see evidence of Aussie Heroes.   It may be a quilt or a laundry bag or just some of our flyers, even in places that they believed we could not possibly have reached.

We now have just shy of 2000 followers on Facebook as well. Word is out there, people love what we do across all ranks and all three services.  I know there is word in the press of the Americans possibly pulling out of Afghanistan in total by the end of this year.  Maybe that will happen, maybe it won't and it will affect how long Australia stays.  Rest assured when the time comes that we have fewer requests and possibly too many quilts and laundry bags I will let you know.  Ships will continue to deploy to the Middle East for some time I am told and we will have people serving overseas for some time.  

And one last thing. 

There are no quilt police in Aussie Heroes.  No requirement that your quilt must be fancy or simple.  I have had a few people express concern that many of the quilts are getting quite fancy and specific.  Please don't let that put you off.  I guess I am lucky in that I see the big picture in a way that noone else does.  I try to share it with you as much as possible on the blog and the Facebook page but there is only so much I can share and still respect the privacy of the individuals.  What I see, over and over again though, is the same level of appreciation and gratitude for the simple (for want of a better expression) quilts as I do for the fancier quilts.

Don't forget, generally you are not making quilts for quilters but largely for men and women who are constantly amazed that we will make the time and will go to the effort to make something for them in the first place. Read some of the thank you letters sent to us for unsolicited laundry bags and you will see what I mean (I hope).  With our quilts it is the thought that counts. 

So please do not think that your quilt is not "fancy" enough to send. Our initial quilts were simple 6 1/2" wide strips, nothing fancy, and they were much appreciated and I suspect they would be just as appreciated today.
The only requirement is that your quilts be stitched with love and care.
If you have any queries feel free to email me for clarification.  

Hi all, Caroline here with some Happy Mail.  Just a few Wonkie's to show off today.  I have forgotten to mention in previous posts that some of the blocks we have been receiving have been from first time contributors.  Thanks to all those new people who have found us and found the time to do some blocks to add to an "Aussie Hero Quilt".
So these first 4 are from Tracie F and she is a first time contributor.  Thanks so much they are great, lovely fabrics and colours.

These 6 beauties are from Coral W, love the colours and fabrics here

As you all know once the BOM's arrive we put them together to make up quilt tops to be made up into Aussie Hero Quilts.  We could use some help to put these together if anyone is interested.  You will need to add some borders or sashings or whatever you like to make them up to the correct sizes, you will also need to check that the blocks are the same size - they may need trimming. You could add a few appliques to make something suitable for someone from the request list.  It is entirely up to you.

I have grouped together 3 lots of blocks that have come in.  

Pack 1 has lots of Aussie fabrics and solids.

Pack 2 has some nice bright fabrics

Pack 3 has some lovely blues ,reds and greys and are nice wonky log cabin blocks

So if you would like to make up a quilt out of any of these packs contact Jan-Maree via email (, and we will get them posted out to you.  Just make sure you tell her which Pack number you are interested in using.  Thanks in advance to anyone that puts their hand up.  Also watch this space, as I will be putting together some more packs that can be made up into quilts.

  Happy Stitching

I must say that it is a great help to me to have Caroline receiving the BOM blocks instead of me and putting them up on the blog for me!  I really appreciate the help! Thanks Deputy Nut!

Now it is my turn.

I actually received some BOM blocks this week too.  These are from Tina, and she is also a first time BOM Block maker. Thanks Tina!

More BOMs included in this quilt.  Melissa G put this one together but she has had a few things on her plate, including giving birth to a new baby and, if memory serves me correctly, moving house.  Little wonder she decided to sent the quilt top to me to have it finished.

These next two quilts are from my sister-in-law Julie! Thanks Julie! 

These two came from Michelle W and as Michelle said "you can't go wrong with green and gold!"

These last eight came from Meg T, who actually apologised for sending me 8 at once.  She said it was cheaper to send them all together and what money she saved in postage she could spend on fabric. I like your thinking Meg! and 8 at once is not a problem at all!

And finally, my favourite!

 I LOVE happy mail weeks like this one!

Till next time.......................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx