Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Chapel Quilts have arrived!!!

Woo Hoo they finally got there. 

It seems like a long time ago that we started the blocks for the Rallypoint Chapel Quilts. First lots of you registered to make blocks and send them in to me.  Then they got sorted and trimmed to size.....

and then Lynn put them all together into quilt tops.  

Lynn also made the central cross quilt.  The cross is made out of a variety of camo material. 
 Finally the quilt tops were sent off to be quilted.  Keryn quilted the cross and Carol S quilted the other six colour quilts. 

Last steps were binding, adding labels and rod pockets so that the quilts could be hung easily. 

Thankfully these quilts were all packed in my car the night my house was destroyed by fire.  We had been planning to display them at Government House NSW that day.  


We had them on display at Government House for two weeks as well as at the Quilt and Craft Fair and then they were packed up and sent off to their new home.

Before they left, however, the local paper came to do a story.....

and I took the opportunity to take a photo of all seven quilts lined up.....  

well eventually I got them to all line up.......

Here is a close up of the Cross Quilt......


Here are the photos that the chaplain showed me originally... 

Not very inspiring....

Some might say BLAND...


getting there.....



In the words of the chaplain......

They have lifted the whole look of the chapel...

A big well done to all of those who worked on the quilts, from making a block or two to the trimming, piecing, quilting, binding, or label and rod pocket sewing!   

Till next time.................keep spreading the word and happy stitching.

Jan-Maree xx

Friday, 29 July 2016

Weekly Dispatches 29 Jul 16

G'day all.  
Some great quilts and laundry bags headed off this week.  
Enjoy the show and tell.

So far for 2016 we have sent off 1726 laundry bags 

which brings us to a total of  9546 since we started...


We have also sent 805 quilts 

bringing our total since we started to over 6086 quilts.

Ann W 

Bev U and Philomena

Bev U 

Bridget and Pam 


Carol W 

Cath H and Bev U 


Denise H 




Jennifer F and Co

Jenny D and Gale


Joy H 

Joy C

Katie L 


 Lynn Philomena Bev U 

Maree J 

Deborah C

Robyn W (NSW)


Sue P

Sue S 

Susan P 

Till next time.............keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx