How to Help

What can you do to help.

I have tried to structure this to be inclusive of everyone, regardless of skill, time or financial situation.   I hope everyone can find something here that they are happy or comfortable with. 

If you can sew -

 Make a laundry bag.  
A pdf copy of the instructions are available here.  You can contact me if you want to make an individual laundry bag and I will be able to give you a name to send it to, alternatively you could make a random laundry bag or two and I will give you a name to send it to.

Make a quilt.  
Our quilts are 42" wide, or width of standard quilting fabric, by 70-75" long.  Cotton batting must be used and binding may be machine or hand sewn.  All quilts must have an Aussie Hero label on the back.  You can print your own using printable fabric or hand write one using a pigma pen.

Once again you can contact me for the name of a specific recipient and make something according to their preferences.  If you wish to make a quilt of your own preference please post it to PO Box 248, Cherrybrook NSW 2126 on completion.  It will be sent off when the appropriate recipient is available. 

Block of the month
 You could join the block of the month (BOM) program and sew up some blocks.  
The link to the latest block is on the LHS of the blog.
Just post completed blocks to 

Blocks of the Month
9 Wendouree Ct
 North Boambee Valley,  NSW,  2450

If you can’t sew

Buy Spotlight Card - you can send Spotlight cards to me and I can pass them on to others who I know can use them.   Or you can email me and ask me who to send it to - assuming you don't know of someone in your area.

If you know of a group in your area that is sewing for Aussie Heroes you can also buy a gift voucher to your local quilt store.

Send pre-paid 5kg and 3kg postal satchels to me - I am forever posting blocks, quilt tops and so on. If I had a few extras I could send some of the donated fabric to other Friends around the place. (the address is on the blog)

Donations of 45mm Rotary Cutter Blades would be wonderful!

Donations of fabric, calico for lining laundry bags and cord for laundry bags are always welcome.  Once again if you don't know someone in your area please email me and I will suggest someone for you to send it to.

With regard to fabric - if you want to buy fabric but are not a sewer then this is handy information - 
For a quilt backing - buy 2.6m of 100% cotton fabric.
For a laundry bag - buy 1m calico for the lining and 1m of fabric suitable for the outer.  Must be 100% cotton  - patchwork fabric and twill are suitable.  If you ask the shop assistant for patchwork fabric or a sturdy cotton, like twill or curtaining, they should be able to help you.  If in doubt email me.

Another good option is to buy Coles or Woolworths vouchers so that the quilters can buy the goodies to go into the boxes along with the quilts.  If you live near a quilter then ask them what they need to include and then buy some of those items. 

You can even buy them some of the Bx2 Post pack boxes.  A pack of 20 gets a discount - not sure about a pack of ten - I only ever buy twenty at a time.

Non-sewers can also spread the word to local sewing/craft groups.  

Finally, and probably most usefully, but also the hardest to ask for, is a cash donation to the bank account.  This can be done by sending me a cheque or by a direct deposit in which case I will email you the details on request.  We don't need a huge amount of money in the bank but each roll of batting costs a few hundred dollars - I can't say exactly how much as the lovely guy who supplies it give it to me at a great price and free of shipping charges on the condition that Mum's the word!  Even small donations help.

I use LOTS of batting and rotary cutting blades as I receive lots of quilt tops here which need batting and backing and I cut lots of laundry bags and the like for the various sewing days.  And that doesn't include the sewing that I do when I am not answering emails, writing the blog and drafting articles etc.

I hope that helps.

Email address:

All assistance gratefully received.