Friday, 27 February 2015

Weekly Dispatches 27 February

Hi All,
Well, I am writing this just after midnight on Friday morning as I had to collect my son from the train station!  Got to love O Week for Uni!

I am off to Canberra tomorrow morning, perhaps not as early as I had expected now.  LOL  

Enjoy the Show and Tell. Some great quilts and laundry bags this week.

We achieved another milestone this week.

Over 3800 quilts and over 5800 laundry bags.  So close the the next thousand for both.  Well done everyone!

236 quilts and 368 laundry bags for 2015. 

3821 quilts and  5823 laundry bags in total.

Ann W 

Anna N




Deborah C

Donna P

Jane VH



 Julie Ann

Kel S



Linda H

Louise T and the Dolphin Quilters

Lyn K 

Michele created the embroidery for this and the next one.   I did the applique after Lynn prepped it for me and Lynn created the quilt tops, sending them to Debbie to quilt.  A real team effort these two.


Note- the clothes line and pegs are removable!  LOL



Another joint effort with the applique by me, the quilt top by Lynn and quilted by Robin.

Melissa T Back 

and front

Stephanie D

Sue H (front)



Anne H

just had to show you the enlargement of this cute embroidery!


Sue N

Karen M

Kaye S

how gorgeous is this pieced back?


Janine (Front)


Till next time................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx