Friday, 22 March 2013

QOTW 22 March

The tally so far-

 20 quilts this week and 28 laundry bags.

280 quilts and 650 laundry bags for 2013

1281 quilts and 2015 laundry bags in total.

Woo Hoo  - finally notched up 2000 laundry bags!

These first three quilts were made by Annette, Lynn V and Carol Mc.  Annette and Carol both live in QLD.  Carol is Annette's friend and mentor and together they are making the quilt tops using a stash of donated fabrics.  Lynn is one of Annette's sisters and she has a longarm quilting business in VIC and Lynn quilted two of the quilts and donated the third!  Don't you wish you had a sister with a long arm quilting business and a friend with a stash of donated fabrics.  Lucky Annette!

Now talk about a coincidence.  I gave Annette a name to send a quilt to - let's call her A.  After she had posted A's quilt Annette sent me the following messages - 

I found out that A is the sister of a girlfriend of mine..   how amazing is that.  I didn't say who I was posting too, the friend said she had requested a quilt for her sister and wouldn't it be funny if she ended up with one of mine…   I asked her her sisters name.  There can't be that many A's over there…  or heading over there very soon….    lol..

Fran W


These next two quilt tops were made by Kylie, sent to Diane for quilting and then bound by Kylie.

Leanne Mac is back with four awesome quilts.

Leone is a new AH Friend and debuted with this awesome quilt.

Rita M is back with another footy themed quilt

Su completed this striking quilt and laundry bag.

More laundry bags from Sue N 

Another combined effort - top by Louise, quilted by Nancy, bound by Sharon and Southen Cross added by yours truly!

Melissa and the the Do Your Block for a Cause page completed this quilt top and it was ably quilted by Diane, bound by Angela and sent on its way. 

Liz J


Rita M

Rita C 


Fran T has outdone herself with a reversible quilt - Hawthorn on one side  

and the Manly Sea Eagles on the other!

Till next time ..................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. Amazing and beautiful quilts and laundry bags.

  2. Lots of amazing quilts here.
    Love the variety of laundry bags too.