Tuesday, 14 February 2017

This is especially for all those whose Valentines are on Duty today......

Whether or not you like Valentine's Day, the fact remains that it is a lousy day to spend away from someone you love.   You might not choose to celebrate Valentine's Day but it is nice to have the choice. Many of our serving members and their loved ones do not have that choice and this is in recognition of all of them... 

Valentine Pride

Today is the day for lovers and every Valentine. 
I wish that I was not alone and was snuggled up with mine.
We must be apart this year as there is duty to be done.
I chose to love someone who serves, sometimes that’s not much fun,
But I am proud of who they are and what they sacrifice
To make this country better - you don’t need to ask them twice.
There might be flowers, a card or sometimes just a call,
And that’s the price some lovers make to keep Australia safe for all.
So though today is for the lovers and I can’t be with mine,
I am proud as punch to love them and call them Valentine.

JMB 14 Feb 16

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