Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A busy day....

Hi all

Normally I would be writing a Happy Mail Post tonight to share all the goodies, blocks and the like, that have arrived in the various post boxes during the week but tonight I am just too bushed to do the editing that is required so hopefully... I will publish it tomorrow. 

Tonight I am just going to quickly show you the result of some of our recent work. We had another sewing/working day today.   Joan spent a lot of her time taping up loads of boxes which were loaded in my car as everyone was leaving. 

Gail, Bev U, Bev F and I managed to get bout 8 quilts layers and ready for quilting.  Bridget revved up and managed to get several quilts quilted thanks to our awesome Simply 16 machine.  I cannot tell you how much difference this has made to us.  That was not all we got done but it gives you an idea.

At the end of the day we loaded all the boxes in the car, 21 in all, and a final bag of laundry bags bound for Malaysia, and after I farewelled all the ladies I just had time to jump in the car, load up the trolley and take them to the Post Office. One less job to do in the morning. 

This is what awaits us in the morning. Gail is coming back for more and Stephanie is joining us as well.  All these quilts need to have badges or other details added to them before they can be sent off so we are going to be preparing all the bits and pieces to be added and then next week when everyone comes to sew we will have the machines (human and sewing variety) working hard to get everything finished... or at least as many as we can.  I will have to get working to have all the covering letters written and the address labels printed and then we will have another packing frenzy.

Before that happens though, Bridget will be back early next work to do some more quilting. 

There is certainly enough to keep us out of mischief and to stop us from getting bored. 

So, no happy mail post tonight but lots to be happy about.  

Till next time,.... keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx


  1. Don't ever doubt yourself. That was very happy mail. Everyone has done a brilliant job.

  2. I echo Jo on this. Well done, This is indeed a Happy Mail.

  3. Well done! Yell out if you need any embroideries done as I can do them here and then post them on.

  4. Certainly a lot of work is involved. Well done on your efforts.

  5. Well done everyone, but please take care of yourself, Jan-Maree, and don't work too hard, we all need you!