Thursday 20 July 2017

Have you registered for this year's dinner and all the associated events?


It now includes information with regard to

- the Free tours on Friday afternoon and the laundry bags required for those events.
- the cost of the dinner.  Price is finalised at $50 and will not change. 
- tickets still available for the Friday night but space is limited
- Dress requirements for military and civilian. 
- laundry bag requirements as is traditional
- payment information progress

Hi all, 

The time is here to register your interest in attending the events over the weekend of 13/14/15 October this year....if you are thinking about coming you need to put your name down. 

You do not need to pay for anything at this stage.  I would seriously think about making a reservation at the Diplomat Hotel as you can cancel up to 48 hours before the event with no penalty but with Floriade on over that weekend, accommodation will fill up quickly.


If you are interested in attending any of our events on the weekend, even if you are not sure if you can attend at this early stage, please email Joy (details below) and register. That way you will receive updated information via email when it becomes available.   We will initiate payment for tickets in the first week of August but you will have up until 29 September to pay for your tickets. 

I do not want you to miss out on a ticket if you are planning to come so please register. 

Event 1 - ADFA
Guided Tour of the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Friday afternoon - Time to be advised 
Cost - Free

NOTE - numbers are limited to 30 people. (Strictly first in, best dressed)
This will be a 90 minute walking tour

Northcott Drive, Campbell

Location of ADFA  - see map below.

EVENT 1- RMC Duntroon
Guided Tour of Royal Military College Duntroon

Friday afternoon - 1400 (2pm)  
Cost - Free

This will be a walking tour, duration 60-75 minutes.

Staff Cadet Avenue, Campbell

This post will be updated in the near future with a map.

Event 2 - 
Helen Godden... My colourful life ...... so far.... and MORE

Friday night - 1930 till 2200

NOTE - Numbers are limited by the size of the Venue to 60.
There are still some spaces available but you need to be quick.

Only for those who sew for us please ....friends and partners get the night off. 
Cost - $15

Helen Godden will be our guest speaker (see here for more details.)  
I have another guest speaker in mind and Aussie Hero Friends are invited to bring something for Show and Tell.

This event is filling up. If you are interested in attending please register to reserve your spot or you might miss out. Trust me, you do not want to miss hearing both our guest speakers! I promise you, they will be entertaining.

Laundry Bags  

It is a tradition that when we have a function in a military establishment that we bring along a laundry bag.  These bags will be distributed at the discretion of the hierarchy of ADFA and RMC Duntroon.   If you attend these tours you will be asked to bring a Laundry bag for each person in your party.   Please make your bag Aussie in theme and gender neutral.  Aussie Tea towel bags are just fine. 

Saturday..... free day.. 
You have all of Canberra to explore and best of all....  

Floriade is still on with the 15th being the last day. 

May I recommend the Australian War Memorial.  You should have time to attend the Last Post Ceremony and still make it to the dinner.  Check the time on the day. 

A great opportunity to wear your new Aussie Hero Button Badges!

Event 3 - 
Cost - $50 per head.
Please note the price has had to be increased slightly but will not be increased or varied again.

Saturday night - 1830-2230

The venue is the grand and beautiful Officer's Mess at the Australian Defence Force Academy.  

People are still talking about last year's dinner....This will be a Gala Event where those who sew for us will have a chance to meet our recipients.   

It will be a cocktail style event including soft drinks, tea and coffee.  Beer and wine will be pay as you go   

Last year we had a raffle and an auction. I am sure we will have something similar this year but that is to be confirmed.   

Trust me..... you will not want to miss out.... 

Need I say more.....


The appropriate dress for the function for uniformed members will be

Navy W2 Winter Ceremonial with medals
Army 1B Ceremonial Service Dress with medals
Air Force 4A Ceremonial Dress with medals

For civilians.  For men, suit and tie if possible, or at least long sleeved shirt and tie. 
For women, suitable equivalent. 

Laundry Bags  

It is a tradition that when we have a function in a military establishment we bring along a laundry bag.  If you did not attend the tour of ADFA or RMC then please bring along a laundry bag to the dinner.  Distribution of these bags is to be determined.  The theme for these bags is to be Australian please.  Aussie Tea Towel bags are just fine. 

Location of ADFA  - see map below
Northcott Drive, Campbell

Event 4 - 
The Morning After Brunch at Poppies 
Sunday morning - 0930 

Poppies is the cafe at the Australian War Memorial.  We had our brunch there last year and it was a very popular part of the weekend.

A great chance to get the addresses and emails of the wonderful friends you have made over the last couple of days.  Great food, great conversations and great spirit.  We had a fabulous time last year.


You are not being asked to pay for your ticket for any of the events yet.   I will call for payment for the Friday night event in the next couple of weeks as that price has already been determined. 

I will call for payment for dinner tickets once that has been locked in but once you have registered for a ticket, that ticket is yours.  All payments must be received by Friday 15th September at the latest but please wait til you are asked to pay and you will be told how to do that. 

The cost of the breakfast will be pay as you order. 

So how do you register for all these wonderful events???

Easy. I have a wonderful volunteer called Joy who has kindly offered to help with the Admin for the dinner, bless her heart.  

Please email Joy at

and you need to give her the following information.

1.   Please advise which events you wish to attend. 

2.   Please advise how many tickets you would like, name of each guest

3.   Please advise if you will be staying at the Diplomat Hotel. 
The special deal for accommodation can be found here

4.   Please advise if you will have your own transport and if so, will you have room in your car to give someone a lift from the Diplomat Hotel to any of the functions (please advise which functions and how many)

5.   Please advise if you are an Aussie Hero Friend (ie, you sew for us) or a Recipient.

6.   If you are an Aussie Hero Friend please advise your favourite colour.

Obviously I want quilters, laundry bag makers and supporters to register for your tickets tonight, but also we would love to have recipients and other supporters register as well please. 

NOTE- more info on venues, access, parking etc will be delivered closer to date via email to the attendees.


MAP- RMC Duntroon

Till next time..... start emailing Joy and reserve your place......

Jan-Maree xx

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