Wednesday 29 October 2014

The Inaugural Adventures of Frank ...... the laundry bag......

Well, we have a very special guest post tonight in the form of an open letter to Stephanie T who created a laundry bag that I think is about to become known as the infamous Frank!  His co-writer prefers the cloak of anonymity but I suspect some of you will work out who they are.....keep it to yourselves please.  

If we get a good response tonight's post I may be able to coax young Frank and the bashful J to wrote for us again......


Hello Stephanie!

You may or may not remember making my laundry bag…if you don’t there is something wrong!

Well, The Laundry Bag (TLB) – Who likes to be known as Frank, and I have had many an adventure so far since we were paired up on 03 September.

His first over the border trip was to Woomera, where he insisted on having his picture taken every time we stopped.

 He wanted a picture at the space rocket in Woomera, but I was too busy saving the world to stop and let him have his piccie taken.

He got a little upset with me and hid the brownies JM had given me. It’s ok though, I found them easy enough. With him being a LB it was pretty obvious he had hidden them inside himself…kind of a giveaway when he is bulging and I have no dirty laundry.

Anyway, he insisted on having his picture plastered all over my face book page, and when I told him he should have his own, he said: No. And I should feel privileged to have him on mine…pfft, tip for young players: don’t argue with a LB, you end up losing every time. He always uses the silent treatment!

We have had a trip or two to Nowra, and we were planning our 10 week trip to Amberley when plans were drastically changed. Now we are both sitting in a comfortable 41oC in the Middle East, both on our first deployment.

He spends at least 2 days a week socialising in the laundry with the other AHQ LB’s whilst I’m at work. I am still working out how he gets from the washing machine to the dryer when I am not there. Sometimes he is even ready full of clean dry folded up clothes waiting for me to pick him up at the end of the day. Sitting there all smug, and I ask him every time, how did you manage that all by yourself? Just a smirk in return…

I reckon here, in his domain he must strut his stuff to all the other LB’s. Obviously a one of a kind, and every time I pick him up and make the walk back to our room; I swear he whistles to the other people walking past. Why else would everyone turn and check him out?

Suffice to say, many individuals here have asked if they could adopt Frank, when I clearly state "No they may not", the follow up question is always "Does he have a brother or sister?" I proudly respond with "Nope. One of a kind!"   I don’t really care if that upsets them, after all, can you image more of these cheeky LB’s around? No thanks, he is a handful as it is!

So, Frank was feeling a little flat, and we discussed things he could do other than just hang out in the laundry. He believes he is more important than the other LB’s and should get out more. It’s not fair to travel this far and not see a bit of the world he insists.

I have promised him a trip to Dubai Mall, and maybe another excursion or two, if he behaves!

Below I have included a few photos, Frank insisted I show the one of him mooning the seagull, thank goodness all you see are Star Trek faces, imagine if you really could see a butt!

Anyway, duty calls.

Until the next time,


 On the road to Woomera

 Pit Stop along the way

 Sharing the brownies......after trying to hide them!!

 No Frank!  You can't drive!!

 Just chilling.....

 Oh good grief!!  Frank mooning the seagull!!!

Laying about in Woomera.

Till next time................keep spreading the word and watch out for mooning laundry bags.

Jan-Maree xx


  1. Lol! Love it! Yes I insist there must be more of Frankies adventures!

  2. L-O-V-E it! This is my kind of humour which people either 'get' or try and have me put away for. I must ask 'someone' if they have seen LB Frank hanging around. BTW is 'LB' an official rank recognised by all services now?
    Please, please more of LB Franks adventures :-)

  3. Frank, what a rebel are you!! If you don't mind could you please tell your "owner" that I love the post?