Tuesday 10 April 2012

All Sorts and 5 days to go!

5 days to go.
Did anyone else make it to the post office today?  I sent off another 4 boxes today and four more to go tomorrow.  I have had a few emails from others who made the trip too.

I am assuming by now that anyone making or sending Pink blocks already has them in the mail.  I am planning on putting the quilt together on the 18th during out next sewing day so yell out if you are still planning on sending some.

Today I received two parcels both from America!  One from my home town (when I lived in the States) in Connecticut from Lisa and she sent this great nine patches
 And a parcel from Teresa who lives in Indianna containing these great nine patches.
 Teresa made some nine patches too and they included  cool peace sign fabric - look what she included in her parcel for me this time - another peace sign fabric - GROOOOVY Teresa - Love it.  Thanks so much.
Thanks so much girls.  It is just lovely that so many people are involved in this quilt!  That makes it really special!

Now I have a few more pics to show of quilts that have been mailed off.  First up we have Debra's quilts great quilts and what a fabulous country gate to take the picture on!  How I wish I could find a gate like that for my pictures!  
Next we have Wendy's quilt. This is going to be one of our first Wounded Warrior Quilts!  
Lorraine from the Verandah Post Patchworkers Group from Nambucca Heads sent me this pciture of their laundry bags which they managed in spite of the fact that they had a big Easter quilt show as well!
Liz's efforts are wonderful to look but when you consider that she only found out about us a week ago that makes her finishes all the more impressive don't you think?
What soldier isn't going to love this quilt!  
Sue S sent this quilt on its way today.  She has already started on her next ones.
Now just before I go I thought I should caution you just a little not to get too disappointed if you don't hear back from whoever receives your parcels.  my girlfriend's son is serving over there at the moment and it is not always possible for him to email back.  He can't always ring easily either.  It seems to really depend on whereabouts the individual soldiers are stationed and what sort of conditions they are living in.  As an example, when the Gumnut quilters sent off the original 23 quilts, 15 were for the lovely Warrant Officer and his group.  The rest went to other soldiers - no idea who - but 8 soldiers received quilts and we have only ever heard from one guy and he is the father of the little girl we are making the pink girly quilt for.   The messages we have received back however have been so heart warming and appreciative that you know that all the quilts are appreciated even if not all of the recipients are in the position to express it.  

Having said that, if you do get an email or letter, I hope you will share whatever parts you are comfortable with me so that I can share it with everyone else.  Of course I never share any identifying details.  

And have I told you that some of the guys are actually reading the blog on a regular basis, including the comments!  Love it!

Till next time..............keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. Oh so fun to see my nine patches on your blog on the other side of the world!! Can't wait to see that pink quilt all together. oxo

  2. wow....so nice to see all of these great quilt......I love all the Australian icons and flags in the quilts.....kinda gets you right there.....I have made my quilts as a thank you gift and it does not matter if I don't hear from anyone......I hope they feel the love that goes into making these quilts......