Thursday 5 April 2012

Quilting, quilting, quilting!!!

First up did anyone make it to the post office today?  
We have 6 more posting days to go.

I suspect most of you already posted in the early weeks and I did too but I have set myself a challenge to see how many more I can get in the mail by the 14th.  Bear in mind that I have a bunch of quilt tops that have been donated so I don't have to start from scratch.

This morning I had seven layered quilts and tonight I have quilted 5 1/2 of them!  I will finish the 6th when I finish this post.  The 7th has to wait till my hubby can help me tape out some lines - this time it is a two person job.
Claire, you may recognize your fabric.
 As might you Marienne.
I also quilted tops by Maria, Angela and myself.  

Time to catch you up on couple of thankyous etc.

First up I asked the Head Chaplain if I could send quilts to the Chaplains in the regional areas. He passed my offer on to them and each of them has come back with a yes please.   One is married to a quilter.

He wrote

your gift of a quit sounds absolutely amazing. My wife is a quilter and I know the time and effort required to produce a finished Item. I would love to recieve a quilt and would proudly display it in my office to add a bit of colour to the walls. It will also be a talking point with those who call to see me. I can then tell them the story of your generosity and the incredible power of the people's support back home in Aus. 

I sent him a lovely quilt with a rod pocket added to it and this was his response

the quilt, laundry bag and Tim Tam's have arrived. Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. It all looks fantastic. I can get a rod and I will hang the quilt in my room for all to appreciate.

Did you want me to see if there are others interested in getting a quilt? Let me know what your thoughts are. 

I said of course he could and today I received another email from a Captain

Good morning Jan-Maree,
My name is Rxxxxx and I am deployed in the same unit as xxxxx xxxx, our Padre. He showed everyone here a quilt he received from Australia and mentioned that it might be possible to get one, and gave me this email address to send the request to. The quilt he had was beautiful, especially the colours, and the quality.
Would it be possible to have get one of these quilts sent over for use in our HQ? I think something like this would be fantastic in our office and really lighten up the room.

If not that's no problem, its great to know people such as yourself and your 'network' are thinking of our soldiers over here. If you can that would be much appreciated, and I will make sure you receive some good photo's to pass around.

Thank you for doing this, if you have the time to send one over that would be great. I'll be here to about mid May.
I look forward to speaking to you soon,

I had never thought of our quilts being hung up over there but it makes great sense and it is wonderful that they are being appreciated.  So, now I am planning to work on a quilt that R can use as a wall hanging using Aussie fabrics and I am also planning to send him a quilt to take home for himself.

And here is part of an email from another of the chaplains when he heard of my offer


Thank you for your kindness and generosity in offering to make us quilts, I would certainly appreciate something which would brighthen my room and remind me of home, thank you.
Please pass on my thanks to your creative team.
With my thanks and prayers

These emails make my day - I hope they make yours too.  And now I am off to finish quilting number 6 - tomorrow I will do number 7 and then it is binding day!

Till next time.................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. So nice to hear how much the quilts are loved.

    You are doing a great jon Jan-Maree

  2. Lovely emails and great to hear from them.

    I have the two quilts I took home already quilted and bound. The african one is waiting for me to make a laundry bag to post off. The Aussie fabric one is ready and waiting for a home.

    I have 2 more quilt tops I have made and they are ready for me to quilt and bind. I am planning to have them ready to send in this post out.

  3. Wow! Those emails are great!!! ... I have the two quilts I am making ready to have their tops finished, be sandwiched, quilted and bound this weekend, ready for the post on Tuesday. Unfortunately my uni assignment had to take priority, but now all is free and clear. Have a great, relaxing (?!!) Easter weekend Jan-Maree!!

  4. Hi Jan-Maree, I got three laundry bags (with some 'extras') mailed off yesterday, Thursday. I know I am commenting on Friday on Thursdays's post, but hey just pretend it all happened yesterday!