Thursday, 27 July 2017

A visit to Maitland and RAAF Base Williamtown .....

Yesterday I ventured north to attend a luncheon at the Maitland Bowling Club for the Bolwarra United Church Fellowship  Group.  This is an annual anniversary lunch and I was their guest speaker.

I was accompanied by my good friend, and driver for the day, Drew.  It certainly made the day a lot more pleasant not having to drive all that way and back by myself.

Some of the members of the Fellowship Group had heard me speak when I attended the opening of the Maitland Patchwork and Quilting Group's exhibition last year, hence the invitation to speak yesterday.   A number of the Maitland Quilters attended the lunch yesterday so I guess that says I was not too boring last time.  Phew!

 I am only sorry that I did not get some photos of the rest of the group that were there.  I never ask for anything when I speak as I am always happy to share the Aussie Hero story but yesterday I was very generously rewarded for my time.   First I was presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers, then a gift basket and finally, a card containing a cheque for $200.   How very generous.   As if that was not enough though, two lovely ladies, sisters I believe, then pressed some money into my hands as their contribution and another lady gave me a folded cheque!   In addition there were some quilts and laundry bags made by the lovely Maitland ladies. Sorry, no photographs. I got back too late last night to get Drew to help me take the pics and am too tired today. I am fighting off the lurgy so I know you will understand. 

After we left Maitland we had a little bit of time for a quick tour around Newcastle, which just so happens to be Drew's old stomping ground, and then we had to hightail it off to RAAF Williamtown for a four o'clock appointment. 

Air Commodore Michael Kitcher has recently returned from the position of Commander of the Air Task Group in the Middle East.  I had arranged a quilt for him but had not been able to organise to get it to him whilst he was deployed.  Given that I had to go to Maitland, and that my driver just happened to be Drew, who works as a reservist at Williamtown, we took the opportunity to present the quilt in person. 

Air Commodore Kitcher was understandably surprised but also delighted with the quilt made by Lynn and quilted by Bridget.  As we left he was undecided if he would display the quilt at home or hang it in his office.   As luck would have it his wife is a quilter also and so I left safe in the knowledge that this quilt would be hung appropriately without it being damaged in the process.  

Presenting the quilt and the following discussion regarding Aussie Heroes and what Air Commodore Kitcher could do to help Aussie Heroes lead in some interesting directions.  I guess at the moment all I can say is "Watch This Space".

As for today... I am slowly catching up on emails that I did not have a chance to get to yesterday.

Till next time..... keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx