Thursday, 3 May 2012

Another sneak peak.......

Big news of the day is that the Online Quilt Magazine has just published an article on Aussie Heroes - hopefully that will lead some more Friends our way. (oops I nearly said Sewers!  EEEKK)  

This morning I got the go ahead to send more goodies direct to Egypt.  I am hoping to start with ten quilts and 20 laundry bags.   I will send more quilts once I make sure that more are not already on their way.  So, if you quilt is not already on the Quilts in Waiting File and you want to send it to Egypt please give me a yell so I can give you the address.  I am not putting the email on the blog as I need to control the number of quilts going there so we don't send too many.

The following is a lovely quilt by Liz from WA with her trademark kangaroos.

As well as three great laundry bags.  Love the Aussie Icon labels.
Another Red Roo
I think this laundry bag has great bones.  Hee hee!
And before I go - a little sneak peak!  Shhhh!  Don't tell!
I finished all the applique on this today and hope to sandwich, quilt and bind it this weekend.

I can't spend any more time talking as I had an email from a lovely lady called Diane and she is coming by tomorrow afternoon to collect the makings of 20 laundry bags so that she can go home and sew them,  I want to have them all ready for her.

Till next time....................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. The fabric you posted me arrived yesterday,thank you so much...I am sure us girls will get these made up as soon as we you know if Egypt needs care packages or how we can find out please..just did not even know we had some troops there..a contact will do Jan-Maree as you have so much to do already..