Tuesday 15 May 2012

For Egypt and much more!

I just have to say it again 

Aussie Hero Quilts are not works of Art
They are works of the Heart

Read on to understand why I say that.

A special thank you that was received by Christine this week in response to a quilt made to fulfill one of our special requests.  You can read about the request here and I really encourage you to check it out before you read on.

Now read on and read the thank you letter.


I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the AMAZING quilt you have constructed for me on behalf of 'HERO QUILTS". If your mission was to bring a ray of sunshine into what is a very baron, desolate place, your mission has been a resounding success. 

The "covert" mention of my daughter and the mention of my beloved country was a very nice touch. Thanks so much for that. The focal point of the flag is again very fitting. I am not 100% sure if you ladies realise the impact these type of things (quilts) have on the soldiers that are over here. This piece of manchester will be in my family for many, many years to come. Not only will it keep my daughter warm on cold winter nights but I have no doubt whatsoever that it will one day keep my grandchildren in the same manner.

On behalf of my family to yours, may you always be free from harm and the joys of the universe be blessed upon you.  May 2012 be the best year ever.

Please pass on my best wishes to Ms Ball and all the ladies in her "Army". You all are true "Aussie Heroes"

Best Wishes Always 

The "covert mention of his daughter and country" refers to where Christine quilted them into the quilt.  Seriously is this not proof that we have some absolutely special people serving on our behalf overseas!  With gentlemen of this caliber over there no wonder we have such a good reputation around the world for our Defence Forces.  I am just SO GLAD that we are able to give a little back to them and their families.

Well done Christine!

Now it is time to share some of the goodies headed to Egypt - these by Liz.

First the laundry bag.  Liz calls this "pindan pink" and tells me they call it that colour over here, it's the shade your shoes turn in iron ore country.  Love that!  So Australian!

And this is the gorgeous quilt that goes with it - just that not just scream Australia to you?  I just love it!
I think I have a bit of stash envy - look at all those great Aussie colours!

Just for interest's sake - the back of this quilt, and the inspiration for the colours on the top, is a sarong!  Doesn't it look great.   I think this is worth remembering as I am sure these come out on special from time to time and I had never thought of them as backings before but I think they could be quite economical and a good size.  What do you think?
Liz shared this with me too.  She stopped into her local Textile Traders to look for bargains (wish we had one of those over here) and look what she found!  Read the selvedge!  Maybe one day there will be Aussie Hero Quilts on the selvedge - well I can dream can't I?

The next Aussie Hero Sewing Day is on tomorrow.  We are making laundry bags.  I spent a few hours yesterday cutting them out and today I am hoping to get patches sewn on.  That is until I have to take one of my boys to try and get his "L"s.  (groan!!!)  If you want to see some cute pics of my "babies" you can check them out here - they would kill me for spreading this photo around but that is half the fun!

Just before I go - Spotlight has a really handy voucher at the moment.  You might find it useful
 if you are heading there anyway and want to add a few bits and pieces for Aussie Heroes.  

Till next time...................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. Wow! That email is amazing!!! Always great to hear back from the men and women over there - their response is almost as good for us as it must be for them to receive the quilts and laundry bags!!! ... The quilt from Liz is AMAZING!!! All those wiggly seams - WOW!! ... My sister brought a couple of sarongs back from Bali for me a few weeks back - thought they'd make good quilt backs, but this really cements that idea! Thanks!! ... Oh, and I saw the boys -- VERY cute!! Good luck to the one going for his 'L's'!! ... And many prayers for peace upon you, lol!!!

  2. Glad to help...

  3. I just got such a warm tingly feeling while I read that email, it makes it worth while and can I mention I little thank you to Naomi for giving me your details, cos without her mentioning it I wouldn't know about all the amazing work that you and your angels do and for myself I wouldn't get that warm tingly feeling I get from reading those the comments and emails you get from our soldiers knowing that I to helped in a small way and this gives me a confidence boost. So I say a big thank you to you for that. Keep up the good work and you never know you just may get Aussie Hero's on the selvedge of some fabric.