Wednesday 9 May 2012

Bargain Hunting!

I decided to take advantage of a sale at Spotlight on the weekend and ended up with over sixteen meters of fabric on average for $4 per meter.  Got to love these spots!!!  It was an end of bolt sale so I chose all the smallest bolts so I could afford to buy all that remained on the bolt!!  
The stars were not on special but I love them in quilts anyway.

 These two seem to go great together and I think they will make a nice quilt once I throw in some more colours.  At $4pm before the 30% off I couldn't go past them!
Now this was my buy of the day.  Great backing fabric - no pink in it so I think I can call it gender neutral but the amount I got is the bonus.  I have never seen such generous measuring!  I was charged for 5.7m and actually got 6.8m.  Thank you!  And when you consider that I got 17m of fabric and on average only paid $4ish a meter.   I am a happy camper!

I also ventured over to CXXX DXXX to check out their rulers as I wanted a 6 1/2" square for my hubby to give me for Mother's Day.   I don't mention their name as they are really mean with their cuts - and I mean REALLY MEAN and while they often tell me who to approach for donation for Aussie Heroes they contribute NOTHING.  I mean, really if you are going to dob in other companies to approach, you should at least donate a little yourself.  Even remnants would be appreciated!   As usual I checked out their $5pm rack and found a couple of goodies.
  The yellow wheels are great for a couple of funny laundry bags or maybe a quilt backing. 
 Apart from the yellow wheels above I also got these three fabrics for $5m each.  I really love the dog fabric - looks very fierce and a perfect dog for tough soldiers.  Great for laundry bags and the basket weave is just a good colour and an interesting pattern.
Hope you can find some bargains out there.

  I have the nicest bloggie friends!  So many have been so encouraging since I started Aussie Heroes, including my overseas friends.  One of them, Ellen, sent me a parcel on the 4th of March all the way from Ontario, Canada.  This is her way of supporting Aussie Heroes and I really appreciate it.  What a Gem she is!  Her parcel took FOREVER to get here but at last it arrived.  Look at these great colours for guys.  I am going to have fun sewing with these.  They look so nice folded up I haven't wanted to unfold them yet.  I am just enjoying looking at them.  Ellen also send me some gorgeous goodies for me (like I said she is a Gem!).  you can check it out here.

 Ellen also sent me these gorgeous string blocks!  Love them and LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour.  Can't wait to put these in a quilt - I have a few ideas already!!!  Just neeeeed time!

On to other things.....
Quilts for Egypt.

I have had a couple of people let me know they are going to work on some quilts for Egypt.  There seems to be some confusion about the cost of postage for Egypt.  It will be the same cost as the quilts we have already sent - Free for boxes under 2kg but you need the specific address.  As there are only 25 Aussie over there and so far there are 4 quilts promised or sent for Females and 7 for males.  We can send up to 3 more for girls and 11 for guys.  Let me know if you are interested in doing one.  These guys come home early August so we would need quilts to be in the mail no later than end of June to make sure they get there.

Till next time.................keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 


  1. Sorry I haven't gotten around to letting you know my first quilt is finished ... I have been wanting to make up a laundry bag to go with it ... along with finishing up the second one ... unfortunately, my uni work has completely overtaken my life lately, and will continue for a few weeks yet until I have done the exam (this unit is seriously kicking my butt!! ... need something less 'historically' oriented next SP!!). Anyway, thought I'd let you know while I have a few minutes to catch up on some blogs ... The fabrics you got above are great choices by the way!! And the string blocks are fantastic!

  2. I loooooove those yummy red string blocks, wonder if Ellen made Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay quilt? These blocks remind me of that pattern.

  3. Great bargins but DO wash the RED stars lots....

  4. I am glad the package finally arrived! I know you will definitely put it all to good use. You did get some fantastic bargains on the new fabric - it is so much fun shopping at a sale!

  5. Great fabrics,thanks for the address for the Egypt troops we are going to start work on the Care Packages for them next week...The Veterans Corps Inc.that give me donations of cash frequently for the packages are listening of my stories of your great work they get very excited when I tell them of your great work for their fellow troops still serving.You need more hours in the day lol..

  6. Wonderful fabrics there.
    My quilt is all but finished apart from finishing the binding, just need to make the laundry bag and it will be in the mail. Will send photo once it is done.