Friday 18 May 2018

The move is on......

Hi all 

Sorry there was no blog post last night and no Weekly Dispatches tonight.  There is a very good reason.. as most of you know, this weekend Aussie Heroes is moving from our rental home, to our new Headquarters in our new home.  For those that do not know, 23 months ago, we lost our family home in a house fire. Well, now WE ARE almost BACK!!!

Yesterday the awesome WPH ladies packed up the AHQ office in the rental (which basically took over most of the living areas of the house) and began moving things over to the new house.

There is a bit of a difference between the two work areas. I so cannot wait to start work in our new airy fresh office.  I think it will be a joy to work there. 

Today Kristy, Ashleigh and Bridget spent a few hours assembling our new bookcases and then helped to move stuff around so that my sewing table, our work table and the Simply 16 will fit in on Monday.

Tomorrow and Sunday a bunch of wonderful volunteers are coming to help move all the rest of the AHQ stuff across. 

On Monday a removalist is coming to carry all the big stuff, fridges, beds, tables etc and then by Monday night we should be ready for our first night in our new home. 

On Tuesday the WPH ladies come over the UNPACK AHQ and blinds will be fitted to the office and then Wednesday... I start unpacking everything else.   Woo Hoo.

Wish me luck and please understand if I am not keeping up with the emails over the next few days. 

Remember, there will be no request list on Monday!!!

Till next time.... keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx


  1. Congrats ! And you will DEFINATELY SLEEP after all is done xxx

  2. So pleased for you that this time has finally arrived. Wishing you well for the move. Take care.