Wednesday 4 July 2012

We have a bank account!!!

Yesterday I kind of felt that Aussie Heroes grew up a little. 

 We opened up our bank account!  

I don't expect lots and lots of donations but it is nice to be in a position where we can accept them if they are offered which up to now it has been a little hard to do.  

Lots of lovely mail again. 

First up Bernice sent some more gorgeous green Strippy String Blocks.   
That means I now have 8 of these!    I think they look really fresh.

Next a lovely blogger from the States, Aunt Spicy,  sent me these great Wonky Star blocks 

 and about 2m of fabric to go with them.  I see a fun and funky quilt coming from this lot!
 Thanks Aunt Spicy - love that name!

These two quilt tops are from Edith who says she has some more girly ones coming too.

 I think this one needs to be marked appropriately so that a dog handler gets it.

 And last but not least you may remember me asking if anyone was interested in making a quilt for a Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot who had been to East Timor.  Actually his brother received an Aussie Hero Quilt whilst in Afghanistan and he was a little jealous that he never got one.  

Well, as far as I am concerned he served overseas, and I have since learned that he flew helos during the flood relief as well, so he deserves a quilt.  

Liz from WA volunteered to make his quilt and here it is.  Not sure when it will be handed over but stay tuned.   A simple chinese coin design but so effective.  

We might have to do these one month for a BOM- what do you think?
Well, that is it for me tonight.  I have to get back to sorting the mountain of donated fabric we have received in the last few days.

Oh, nearly forgot.  

Coffee Anyone?

I am going to be in Melbourne on the 14th of July for my MILs birthday.  Anyone interested in a coffee on that morning in the Doncaster area let me know.  I would love to meet some of you Melbourne ladies, quilters or spouses. Gents welcome too!   Just leave a comment or send me an email if you think you can make it 

Till next time.........keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. Congratulations Jan-Maree - cash donations will be very helpful with the purchase of batting, etc.

  2. Oh the dog quilt is amazing!! So sad to hear a dog was killed this week too. This will cheer them up & lift their spirits.
    Congratulations on the bank account, off to deposit shortly, thank you for everything you do!! Love Posie

  3. Woo Hoo, you're getting so 'with it' account, pdf'd tutorials...what next? lol Congrat's on the bank account. Although I live closer to the Vic border, than Adelaide, but alas, still not close enough to Doncaster to meet up for a cuppa.....grrrrrrrrr

    Love the quilts...the dog handler one is are all the quilts the Friends of AHQ produce.

    Nomes (The wannabe!)

  4. Wow,what lovely blocks and quilts.....I love them all, especially the doggie one, and the ninepatch, and the stars and the lovely green string blocks, and I can never see enough of the gorgeous quilts Liz from WA makes with her kangaroo signature blocks on each one. The helicopter pilot will love it I am sure.
    Congratulations on getting a bank account opened, hopefully the donations will start to flow in soon.
    Congratulations Jan-Maree on what you are doing with AHQ's, you are doing such an amazing job.

  5. So glad that it all made it to you...hopefully it will make a great quilt! You are doing such an amazing job serving those who serve!

  6. Such a fantastic response to your fabric donations! and those quilts are just lovely.

  7. We are having our Christmas In July meeting that day, I cannot miss that, such a shame, i would have loved to meet you while you were here in Melbourne. I hope you get lots of people meeting you for coffee.

  8. BOTM in pdf form FANTASTIC!