Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Still unpacking...

Hi all

Well thanks to the amazing help from quite a few wonderful volunteers the Aussie Heroes Headquarters is almost completely set up now. But first... we were delighted to have our first recipient visitor today. Tom came bringing afternoon tea, to say thank you, especially to Bridget who made his quilt.   

Note, you don't have to bring cake to visit us but it never goes astray.

Just a little look around the headquarters... firstly this is the storage for all our fabric scraps.  I have yet to make better labels for these baskets but they area all colour sorted scraps. The top row is all the quilt backs that we have ready.. unfortunately we have to get some more as we are running very low.

This is my part of the office, my work desk with laptop and then my sewing table, which also doubles as the Post Mistress's table when Jenny N comes along on working days.  I still have a fair bit of organising to do to tidy this up but that probably won't happen til the weekend.

And this is the rest of the office.  We have a working table in the middle which is used for cutting fabric, layering quilts and all sorts of miscellaneous tasks.   Down the back underneath the orange quilt is our Simply 16 quilting machine and those three bookcases hold more of our stash of fabric. There is more to come from Canberra where it has been stored, waiting for the new house to be completed so that we have room for it. 

The long term goal is to get some peg boards on the wall, just need to get some made, and then some pictures but all in good time.

It is such a lovely airy bright room to work in.  We are incredibly fortunate.

Please bear with me this week.  There are more posts to come but little time to spare whilst I am busily trying to unpack the rest of the house and so on.  Tradies still coming left right and centre to do this or that, and that the same time I am still doing two half days of physio etc at Mt Wilga Hospital twice a week to prepare in the long term for a knee replacement. 

Time is short. 

The blog will get back to normal next week I hope.

Till then, keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx 

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