Sunday, 3 September 2017

Margaret Treloar.... where are you????

 G'day all.

This is an unusual post but I believe that there is more than one way we can serve and support our troops.   This is the gorgeous EMILY.   How beautiful is she?  Her dad is currently deployed and he shared the following with me.  I am sharing it with you with his permission.

Emily was born born prematurely at St Vincents, Toowoomba, just one month before he deployed. The hospital has a program of giving a quilt to new born babies and they get to take it home.  The quilt that Emily was given was made by Margaret Treloar.   Our recipient has not been able to find Margaret to say thank you and he would dearly love to. 

Just think on that for a minute.... Emily was born early, was one month old and her Dad deployed.   She will be eight months old when he gets home.  Now that is sacrifice!

This may be a long shot but we have a huge network of quilters who read this blog and follow the Facebook page so what have we got to lose...   

This is the beautiful Emily, wrapped in the gorgeous quilt that Margaret made. 

If you know Margaret Treloar I would love you to put her in touch with me via 



via phone 0422227019.   

Then I will be able to put her in touch with Emily's Dad.  

Do you know Margaret?


Jan-Maree xx


  1. I have a few Toowoomba quilters on my FB feed so will share & hope it helps find Margaret. Fingers crossed! KRIS xx

  2. Good Luck finding her.....Gorgeous bub and gorgeous quilt...thankyou dad for your service. Something not everyone realise is personally how much is sacrificed our benefit.xx