Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Morning Tea on HMAS Success and Grati-Tuesday 30 September

Well, I don't know about you but I have had a good day.  This morning Caroline and I were invited to HMAS Success for morning tea with the current Captain, CAPT Allison Norris.  What a privilege. This is actually the view from the deck outside the Captain's quarters.  Don't you wish you had a view like this outside your office door.  That is Fort Dennison you can see in the background.

No guest likes to turn up without an apppropriate thank you gift and of course the natural thing for me to do was to make CAPT Norris a laundry bag.  HMAS Success and Melbourne are CAPT Norris' two commands, hence the two badges on her laundry bag. 

In case you have not already put two and two together, HMAS Success will be the next ship that deploys later in the year.  They will have a different role from the ships we have looked after to date, but rather than I try to explain that, I will see if I can get them to explain that closer to time. 

It was particularly generous of CAPT Norris to host us on the ship as she will not be deploying, given that she will be handing over command in the coming weeks.    We were also joined by the Ship's Warrant Officer who I won't name as, unlike the Captain, she will be deploying to the Middle East.

Before leaving we had a quick look at the Captain's quarters(relatively spacious) , the Warrant Officer's quarters (smallish by land based standards but still quite roomy and comfortable) and one of the accommodation areas for the girls - nine girls share this cabin.  I would not call it "spacious"  though I expect it is better than some.  I tried to get Caroline to demonstrate climbing in to the top bunk but she declined. I know I certainly could not get up there.  We also saw one of the bathrooms and let's just say, the bathroom is shared by 20 girls, mostly young, all wanting showers, access to a mirror for make up and so on..........let's just say I bet their people skills all improve with a few stints of living aboard.  Must be quite an adjustment for anyone not used to growing up with siblings.

Just in case you don't think you have enough wardrobe space at home, this is the wardrobe space each girl has - one of these cupboards which is hanging space and then three drawers!  And bear in mind that has to hold ALL their uniforms, including their dress uniform, civilian clothing, and any personal property they want to take with them for their 6-7 months away!  Seriously, I take more than that for a weekend!!!  (And my husband need not comment!!!)

A very big thank you to CAPT Norris and the Ship's Warrant Officer for their time and hospitality this morning.  Caroline and I both really enjoyed ourselves and, as always, it is wonderful to establish a relationship with the ship before they deploy.

And now to some great thank you messages as per usual on a Tuesday.

Good Evening Debbie,

I received your wonderful laundry bag which you have made, thank you for that.  
it looks great and will work a treat.  Look forward to the Quilt arriving will, come in handy for winter and yes, even with the aircon on, look forward to your letter with it. Once again thanks from myself and the other guys receiving their items.

Kind Regards,

Dear Joan,

I would just like to say a big thank you for my wonderful laundry bag. You would not have believed the smile it brought to my face when I received it through the mail. It has already been used and is very much appreciated.
The Kombi vans are great and always cheer me up in the morning when I see them. I have been fortunate enough to own both a Kombi and a Beetle both a lot older than myself. The Kombi was a 1979 Panel Van that was repaired and repainted to a lovely sky blue colour. I done a majority of the work but was really pleased with the way it ended up. The Beetle is a 1967 sedan and is a work in progress (will keep me more than busy when I return home to Australia).
Thank you once again for your continued support.


Hi Joan,

thank-you for the latest delivery of laundry bags. I am sure we can find just the right people who will appreciate them during their deployment.

Thank-you as well for the post card. It is so nice to receive a message from home.

I hope you are well and the weather is starting to get a bit warmer back in Australia. It is starting to cool down here in Afghanistan - only about 36 degrees now lol. We are expecting some snow on the mountains for Christmas though.

Thank-you again for the care and thought that goes into the laundry bags. The troops here really appreciate everything you all do with Aussie Hero Quilts.



Good Afternoon Jan,

I Just wanted to take the time to thank you for my Aussie Hero Quilt and Laundry bag,
I can't describe how it feels to know that a group of Australians are taking time out of their own lives to thank us and give something to the serving members of the ADF.
This quilt will follow me on my Naval career, This quilt will remind me of my Middle East deployment and the memories I have had whilst being deployed.
Its amazing what something can mean to someone when it has been give with love and gratitude.
To me, yourself and the people alongside you are the real Aussie Hero's.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Dear Jenny and Gale

I am a section commander here in Afghanistan. I was the happy recipient of one of your quilts the other day. I would like to say thank you.  It has come at an especially good time as the weather here is cooling and its a nice for that little bit extra comfort. I though you did an absolutely fantastic job - it really was nice. I love the ocean and this quilt will come home with me when its time and probably end up living on my son's bed as he too likes all things to do with fish and the ocean.

Once again thank you for not only the quilt but also the support you have shown to all of us here.

Kind regards

This is a message on my Facebook page from a recipient who received a Supergirl themed laundry bag made by Hilary.  I can't show you the pic of the bag she sent as it has her full name on it but you can imagine the supergirl theme well enough.

“How amazing is this personalised laundry bag?! Thank-you Aussie Hero Quilts for everything you do to support troops all over the world. You really do make such a difference. I love the colour scheme and the Super 'S'. Absolutely perfect. This bag will see the world in my travels and always remind me that there are people back home who care about those who serve. It really makes you appreciate home so much more and so proud to be an Aussie.”

The following photo and message were published on our facebook page but are repeated here for our non-facebook followers.    Anna N made the quilt and the laundry bag.   Enjoy

"Two packages arrived! What could it be? Tim-tams? Coffee? No, something much more special and long lasting. Thank you very much Aussie Hero Quilts, for my Broncos laundry bag and military vehicles/aircraft inspired quilt. They will go everywhere I go. This is a great idea from the best people in the world -Aussies!"

Till next time, keep spreading the word and happy stitching.  
Jan-Maree xx


  1. It's always so good to read your news Jan-Maree and especially the "thank-you" messages from the recipients of quilts and/or laundry bags. You do a fabulous job! I'm still in the piecing process of a quilt to send.