Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Loads of lovely messages again tonight - 
be warned there might be a little sand flying tonight!  

This fellow received a cool laundry bag from Angela with toys soldiers on it.  Can't show you a pic as it has the initials on it but it was made out of toy soldier fabric!  Love it.  And so did he and he has just given me permission to share these pics when he sent so that Angela could put a face to the name.

Obviously he is the fellow on the left in the first photo.  That is the Afghanistan flag but I am sure you know that.   How would you like to try and reproduce that on a quilt?  And one of these photos has the Kyber Pass in the background, on the Afghan/Pakistan border.  I am guessing in the the first photo also but check out that haze!  Kind of spoils any view really.

I am a little embarrassed at how many of these emails are addressed to me but I have actually been sending off quite a few quilts and laundry bags of late and also I am an easy point of contact for people who are working long hours seeing as they contacted me in the first place. I always pass any thank you messages on to those involved with the quilts etc before I post them if I can.

                The quilt came today!   so awesome!!   its like you know me....   I am wrapped (literally)   thank you and thanks to the wonderful folks (Louise and Stephanie T) that made it .....have been showing it off to everyone
i had to look twice for the sheep, so cool!      luv it!
ps  the tim tams are already half eaten already....again...are you sure you dont know me??

The sheep he is referring to is actually quilted in the middle of the quilt by Stephanie and as this fellow plans to retire to a farm in the future it seemed appropriate!

The following thank you is referring to a quilt top that Louise made which I embellished with the help of some embroideries from Michele before sending it off.

Hi Jan-Maree,
Just like to start by saying thank you very much and the quilt is just the best thing I have received in a long time and am one of the most happiest sailors around at the moment.  I can see just how much time and effort has gone in to making it and it will be the pride and pleasure not only on my rack at sea but my bed at home when I am not at sea.   
You and your team of quilters have gone above & beyond and produced a master piece and everyone that I show it to says how great it looks and wish they had one like it too. 
Words can not describe it and the happiness that I have to have it.
I do hope that the next group of serving members that you and your group do quilts and laundry bags for are as pleased and happy with there quilts and bags as I am, cause I could not have asked for any better.

Seriously why would you ever want to quilt for anyone else when you get a response like that to something you have made!

Dear Jan-Maree
 I would like extend a very warm thank you for the quilt yourself, Lynne and Stephanie T made for me. It's currently being put to good use as the weather is still pretty cold here in comparison to previous years I'm told.
This sort of thing is a great service and I noticed it has certainly been well received by all the men and women on our detachment.
Currently the work is busy here but I'm thoroughly enjoying my time here.
Once again thank you very much, please pass on my warm regards to all the volunteers. It's a great morale boost for me to know that there is some great support for us back home.
Thank You!

Hi Jan-Maree, 
I received the quilt just prior to going on leave, I just got back.
How wonderful, I can still feel the tingling sensation when I first opened the box. It is absolutely beautiful ! (I nearly cried) I will write a letter of thanks to Liz, who completed the fine work, and also to your wonderful team. It will take pride of place in my home when I get back.
I have photos and will send them soon, I'm just a little under the pump at the moment, catching up from being away for the last two weeks. Many heart felt thanks, Warm regards, 

I have just returned from leave with my family to find that the quilt and laundry bag has arrived safely.
Thank you so much for your kind gift which provides a bit of colour to a sometimes drab room and will be a great memory of my deployment and the kindness of the Australian people supporting those of us serving overseas. As you could imagine, the temperatures here are not inviting to the quilts immediate use but as the temps are continuing towards 40 degrees, the air conditioning systems are working hard so the quilt will come in very handy.  The laundry bag was commissioned into active service immediately.
Keep up the great work and please pass my gratitude on to Gale as well. yours sincerely

For Jeann

I received the quilt about 2 weeks ago. It is very beautiful and I love the bright colours of Kangaroos and flowers. Thank you for taking the time to make and send me the quilt along with Tim Tams and lollies. Everyone here talks about the organisation and think it is just wonderful what you are all doing. Thank you again, 


Thank you so very much for taking the time to make a quilt for me. It is absolutely fantastic.
I have shown the guys here that I work with and they are a bit jealous of the quilt.

I thought that I would send you a couple of photos of the quilt and myself in Afghanistan


Hi Angela,
just  a quick thank you for my quilt.  It now lays on my bed and has done a trip around the Middle East Area of Operations.
Again, thank you.

Hello Jan-Maree,
Today I received my laundry bag and it's absolutely gorgeous...thank you soooo much...I love it:) Please pass on to all your ladies how grateful everyone here are with their quilts and bags. We are humbled by their generosity.

Have you been wondering if your quilt or laundry bag has made it to HMAS Toowoomba?  Well today I received the following thank you that was posted on the 27th of March and the quilt arrived yesterday, or today depending on the time zone!  Having learned the lesson from HMAS ANZAC I will be following up all the quilts that we have not heard from well prior to the ship returning to Australia, whilst their operational emails are still functioning.  I may not be able to track them all down but I should be lucky with most of them.

I am also about to go to the Chaplain of HMAS Newcastle and chase up their request list as I think we have proven that the secret of getting quilts to the ships is to post them as early as possible.

Hi Evelyn,

I received my quilt and laundry bag in the mail this week that you made. It is absolutely gorgeous and I love both items. I am so glad that I have those things, as I was juggling my clean laundry in my arms, dropping clothes everywhere and getting in everyone's way. And the girls that I share a room with, have the air conditioner down low and its like an igloo in here. Being from up north, I don't handle the cold that well and just having the quilt to throw over my legs while I am watching a movie in my room at night is fantastic.
The sun that you have put on the quilt and bag is my most favourite thing. I am always in awe of the sun. If I could, I would stare at the sun all day, but obviously can't and would be sneezing everywhere.
Anyway, once again, thank you for the quilt and bag, I am grateful

Hi Dasha

Your gifts of a sensational quilt, laundry bag, Aussie hat and nibbles has really touched me, my only concern is that the quilt may put a strain on my marriage as my wife will no doubt try and coerce it from me. I am truly grateful for all the time, effort and obvious pride that has gone into this quilt and laundry bag. The quilt fits perfectly on my bunk and it already has pride of place on my bunk, in fact when I opened your parcel yesterday I was walking around the ship with it draped over my shoulders showing everyone I came too, including the CO what a fantastic quilt I had received and weren't they envious!! I have taken photos and they will be sent once I can down load them onto the Navy system.

I will end now and will send another email with the photos hopefully in the next couple of days but once again I thank you for such a heart warming gift

Your Sincerely


I have just received your great laundry bag! Thank you so very much for your time and effort. I think there will be some more requests for laundry bags coming your way from some jealous mates. 

I know that everyone over here greatly appreciates the people at Aussie Hero Quilts giving up their time and effort!

Keep up the great work

Hi Jan-Maree

I just want to say thank you so much for the quilt and all the effort that you and your lovely helpers have gone to in making this and the other quilts for my ships company during our deployment. Based on the date of the letter, I am guessing you were wondering if I had received it and can tell you it arrived today (04 May 13) after we came alongside. I must say I am somewhat at a loss for words as I certainly was not expecting this, thinking that with the large numbers requested by my team that you had more than your fair share in providing for us. In walking around the ship I have been often shown the various quilts made and the appreciation of what you and your quilters have delivered is beyond words. For mine, the theme used and how the quilt turned out is absolutely amazing and this will be a fantastic reminder of my time on Toowoomba and will be proudly displayed at home. Also thank you for the chocolates which seem to have travelled well and now I just need to keep some other prying hands off them before I get the chance to have some. Maybe a lock on the fridge is in order. 

Anyway, as I said, I am a little lost for words and can not express my gratitude enough on what you and the ladies have done. Please pass on my most sincere thanks to Louise, Stephanie, Michelle and Sharon. Also on behalf of all my team, thank you and all your Aussie Hero Quilt helpers for your support and sacrifice in making our deployment just that little more bearable with your lovely quilts (and laundry bags).

Okay all, Dismissed!


  1. I love seeing quilts with their intended owners and in their new homes. Precious. And so many wonderful happy letters. Thank you.

  2. When I read the appreciative comments I just want to sew day and night so that more and more can receive quilts, bags and 'yummies'. I just love sending a parcel to a stranger to let him/her know that I am thinking of them.
    I like seeing the photos of quilts in various places.