Monday, 30 July 2012

Is there a Tigers Supporter out there? and 3 sleeps to go.....

Well good evening again!  Especially all of you "over there". 

First up a very special quilt.  This quilt was made by Liz and I reckon there has got to be a Tigers Fan of some variety out there who would just love this quilt and a matching laundry bag - if you know someone who this would appeal to please let me know - 
email, comment on the blog, leave me a Facebook message.
Just got an email- Lincraft has extended their 50% off fabric sale till the 5th of August 
just in case you need anything!

Yesterday I received an email from Cindy who is does not sew but it happy to contribute to the Aussie Heroes cause in a different way.  Here is her email.

LOVE the quilts, they are awesome. I'm living in the Brisbane, originally from Chicago, so I naturally have 2 countries to support. There are many organizations to support US troops, but I am having a devil if a time finding groups that help people here at home to support deployed Aussie soldiers. (without having to donate cash!)
While I am not a quilter, I am a digitizer and would love to help somehow. If you are in need of digitized designs for machine embroidery, let me know, I would be happy to help. 

Cheers Cindy

Now I don't have an embroidery machine but I am sure there are some of you out there that do so if this offer interests you pleas contact Cindy direct - 

Via her email address

or her website

Time for another special request.

I received a request this morning from a lovely wife who would love a quilt to be sent to her husband.  I don't always have personal information about the fellows (or girls) receiving our quilts but this time I do so I thought I would pass it on.   He is a big fan of the Manly Sea Eagles rugby league team!  He loves to read, loves cricket and his three boys :)
If anyone can fit in making a quilt or a laundry bag for this fellow please let me know - email, Facebook message or comment below.

Three sleeps till Canberra!
Well it is all about packing and sorting here.  Four crates of fabric and four bolts all packed and waiting to be loaded into my car on Thursday.

A whole bunch of quilts to sort and fit into the suitcase for show and tell at the Canberra Quilters Meeting and the Duntroon Sewing Day.  

Please note the lovely pink trim on my suitcase - chosen especially so that none of the menfolk in this family will use my luggage!

Laundry bag kits all stacked and waiting to have their labels fused and ready to go - tonight's job hopefully! 

The Lovely Warrant Officer's Wife and I are hoping to collaborate on a WWQ during the sewing day!    I cannot think of a nicer things to do.  All my Aussie fabric is packed and ready to go.

All that is left is to organize my paperwork, practice my speech, prepare an information pack for each of my meetings, print up instruction sheets for laundry bags and specification sheets for quilts, leave a couple of meals behind for the hubby and boys, write a few blog poss in advance and pack my clothes!

Oh, and bake some yummy treats to give to a certain Warrant Officer and his family (if he is prepared to share!)   That is my job for Wednesday!

Phew!  Wish me luck!

Till next time..............keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. Did you get anybody to make a quilt yet? If not I could put together a blokey quilt over the next 2 weeks....let me know if you want me to.
    Hugs Khris

  2. Just a note to say have a safe journey,have missed a few blogs but just also wanted to sat that 3 boxes being sent each week as we discussed,still trying to get the blogger to allow me a second blog it just won't do it,I want to name it Because We Care as this is what i put on the outside of every box.There will be 25 going in September to Egypt,i have just been told the Vetrans Corps inc group are giving me the money for these,people are so kind as you know.Have a great time in Canberra and I am looking forward to reading all about it,happy cooking this week.