Sunday, 15 July 2012

Chris's sewing day in Gawler and more

Chris from Gawler in South Australia is one of our generous long arm quilters.  She 
 has a home based business called 
The Hilltop Quilter.    
At this stage she is happy to quilt AHQ’s at no cost.   She has a group of about 8 ladies who attend weekly classes/workshops & they are called 
Hilltop Quilters.  
Those ladies and one or two others met at Chris' home to sew quilts & laundry bags for AHQ on the 10th of July.  I so wish I could have been there.  

This is Chris's Aussie Hero Display in her "shed."  Isn't this awesome!
They had a productive day, completing 7 quilt tops & 3 laundry bags, and several more quilt tops & laundry bags are in progress. 

Janine made two like this 
This is the gorgeous Ruby's quilt top.  This young lady obviously has a big future in quilting!  Imagine where Aussie Heroes will be by the time she is 18! 
 Julie Anne here worked on a string quilt.
Don't you just LOVE the colours!  I love that zingy stripe down the middle - These are just my colours too!
 Julie made this cute top - I love that tractor fabric.  We have already had a request in the past from a fellow who said he came from a small farm in North Queensland.
 Julie also worked on this one - Hmmm this could be a Wounded Warrior Quilt.
Kimberley is Julie's daughter and had her first sewing lesson - this is the result!

What a great bunch of quilts and what a great bunch of girls!

Don't forget the next Sewing Day in Penrith is coming up on the 12th of August.

And just before I go - 

Not so long ago Christine sent this lovely quilt off 

and here was the response...

I received one of your quilts in the mail yesterday which my wife organised.

Thanks for all the work you do, it really does give you a lift when you receive something like this and it's nice to think that someone that I don't even know has given their time up to make me a quilt. It will be a nice reminder of my time over here.
Thanks again,

We also received this message as well

Good Morning Liz and Jan-Maree,

I have received my beautiful quilt!!!

Thank you very much for the lovely work, it is fabulous, it brings a little bit of Australia to the desert. I love it, thank you again. It is on my bed as I type, I will take a picture of it as soon as my camera battery is charged. I have never been to WA and it is one destination that is on my bucket list.

Kindest Regards  

Unfortunately I can't remember which of Liz's quilts this lovely lady received 
and Liz is away so I can't ask her.

I also let another soldier know that her quilt is on its way to Dubai and as well as thanking me for letting her know and promising to let me know when it arrives she said 

It is crazy hot here and to make matters worse we are down to a single air conditioner (the other one broke due to overstress). Hopefully they get it fixed soon!

I guess you could say I am not complaining about winter any more!

Till next time...........keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. Sew many fabulous quilts and theylook like such a happy bunch of ladies.
    I hope by the time the youngest lady is 18 we won't need Aussie Hero quilts... won't that be nice.. Peace world wide...

  2. Well done to the girls in Gawler....fantastic effort...hugs Khris

  3. Well done on all the sewing.
    I am glad the quilt got there and it is loved, I have also received a little thank email from the girlie one I sent, the pink one, but I think I lost the email.
    She said she loved it and can't wait to wrap it around her mum and daughter on her return to Australia

  4. All of the quilt tops look fantastic - but I especially like the threads stuck to Ruby's pants!

  5. All those quilts are stunning! You can just imagine how they would liven up the mens' sleeping quarters, all those bright colours. Jan Maree, I made my first quilt top for you today. Start to finish in a couple of hours - record time for me! Mind you it was a very simple design, but it incorporates some neat
    Aussie icon fabric with bands of plaid, so I hope you will approve:-)
    You can see it on my blog. I'll be posting it to you in a week or so (just want to show a few people first, lol)

  6. Great stuff Ladies and girls.