Monday, 14 May 2012

Chocolate-y Goodness

This lovely chocolate-y masculine quilt by Nadene from WA is our 16th quilt (out of a hoped for 25) to go to Egypt.  Not all have been posted yet.  A bunch go tomorrow and more will go on Thursday.   The current twenty-five Aussies are there till mid August so I am hoping that we can get one to each of them by the time they leave and then start sending some for the new group.

I have to say that I really like this pattern.   It is a fabulous way to stretch your stash of expensive aussie fabrics.  The Aussie fabric squares are 5 1/2" and the sashing strips are 2 1/2" making the resulting squares  36".  The borders are about 3".  Of course you could vary the sizes with each quilt depending on what fabrics you have to work with.  I think there is one of these in my future!
Great job Nadene!!!
 And here is the back  - love this too.  Great boomerang fabric!
This is a similar quilt completed by Liz.  I am going to use some of the orphan blocks I was sent to make one (or more) of these.

Selvedges have become a really popular material to work with but not all of us are using them for one reason or another.  There is a lovely Aussie Heroes Friend, called Erika, who would is collecting hers and is wondering if anyone out there has any they don't want.  She would love yours if you are not using them and she is happy to cover the cost of the postage.  Erika does a lot of sewing for charity so it would be nice to be able to help her out.  Leave a comment if you want me to put you in touch with her.  I know she would appreciate it. 

Till next time...............keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. I save my selvedges and usually host a giveaway on my blog for them....but I'm happy to send her my current stash of them Jan-Maree. It's not a huge stash, but it's some!


  2. What wonderful quilts....

    I never save my selvages....maybe I need to start.

  3. Just a little note to say we will be sending 25 packages to Egypt in the next 2 weeks as 2 ladies have joined in with me to make up what I I am thrilled with that.Today I will finish gathering clothing for the Chaplin and then I will let you know b the weekend how many boxes that will make.I have done mixed girls and boys as he did not state what was needed so have made it more boys and the infants knitting.I will email you when we have completed both Egypt and the clothing boxes.Love the colours that have been arriving for the quilts your girls are champions.

  4. Thank you Jan-Maree. And Thank you Naomi. :-)))) Will have one ready today Jan-Maree only needs label. I killed my printer so Hubby has given me another. :-))) I want to try the freezer paper method.

  5. I also have some selvedges which I would be happy to send off to Erika if she wants more. Can you email me the address to send them to, please.
    Those are lovely quilts.