Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My favourite so far

Popped another quilt in the mail today.  Now I am hoping that the fellow who asked for this does not read the blog but he has never mentioned so I am pretty sure I safe.  The lovely Warrant officer reads it every few days (hi there :-D) but I don't know of anyone else who does.  So, that means I think it is safe to share this with you without spoiling the surprise.   This is going to be a wall hanging in an office area.  I told you about the request here.  
I REALLY enjoyed making this quilt.  I really like lots of Aussie fabrics and I have decided that I don't use them enough and I certainly don't have enough in my stash.  Might have to remedy that in the future.  I also currently have a thing for nine patch quilts.  I see a few more of them in my future too.  

I quilted it simply: diagonally on the nine patches and a grid on the tea towel.  I was a bit nervous about quilting the tea towel.  
 I really didn't want the quilting to stand out and detract from the picture on it so I used a thread that was as close to the cream colour of the tea towel as possible.  Phew!  Happy with the results!  You can see the quilting better on the back.
 I managed to get a new laundry bag made today as well.    I love this fabric.  I bought enough for one laundry bag but in with some fabric that Sue sent me there was some more!  Score!  as my kids would say.
 One of my sixteen year old sons saw it today and just gave me a dopey grin!  Guess that was a sign of approval!  I call it the Animal Crackers Laundry bag.

Aussie hero Sewing Day tomorrow - looks like being a fun day!

No idea what you are doing to spread the word but it is working - new 3 Facebook followers today.

Till next time.....................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. Looks fantastic Jan-Maree!!

  2. The quilt looks fabulous and will certainly be a wonderful advertisement for Aussie Hero Quilts.

  3. The quilt will look great on the wall.
    Love the laundry bag.....

  4. Just thought I would let you know we had a lovely letter from a young lady serving in Afghanistan saying how excited they were with their packages,can you imagine how excited they are when they get a quilt!!I have passed all your information onto a group in Muswellbrook who are very interested in joining in your Aussie hero Quilts so you may get contacted by Margaret,she joined me in the packages and rallied boxes from everywhere she was amazing and a manic quilter so looks like her group will be a great bonus.CArole