Friday, 27 April 2012

Aussie Hero Gals

Still working on a name to call the Aussie Hero Sewers - really can't say that now without thinking of the other pronunciation and meaning of the word!  Here are some options - tell me what you think

Aussie Hero Gals,
Aussie Hero Divas,
Aussie Hero Darlings,
Aussie Hero Friends

My hubby and I sat in the car waiting for Fly Boy (number 1 twin) to come out from Youth Group tonight brain storming lots of names.  Not all of them were exactly helpful given his sense of humour and Pauline came up with a bunch too but her sense of humour is a bit like my hubby's so I picked out the possible ones from here and added them to the list.  I am still thinking about it - there must be something just perfect and catchy that we can use - please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or if you really like any of the above.

Now, let me introduce you to Craftsman Belvedere - he is set to be the littlest recipient we have ever had.  Very appropriately dressed he is in his armor plated jacket.   He is a red side necked turtle and it about 

He is only little as you can see and that is why he only needs a little quilt!  
I think that will be my project for this weekend - that and tidy up the mess that has become my dining room lately - fabric and blocks and stuff everywhere.  

Don't forget that the next Aussie Hero Sewing Day is on Monday.  Leave a comment if you can come!

Till next time...............keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. My DH reckons he and I are going to be a pair of old codgers when he retires. So I wannabe a codger- oops I already am!

    Okay- what about Kylies- thats a good Aussie female name! I really wannabe her!

    Seriously, I like them all, I can be whoever you chose.

    I wonder how Belvedere's name was chosen...he's pretty cute for a turtle in his armour plated jacket- you are so funny! And why is he a Craftsman? I didn't realise crafters can join the forces...if crafting know-how and supplies can get you in, then I'm ready to go- just gotta pack it all up in a couple of suitcases! Macrame for men, here I come!

    Wish I could join you on Monday, I'll be there in spirit anyway, stitching away over here, and polishing up my macrame skills!

  2. WOW the turtle is tiny...

    Friends is good because sometimes guys sew quilts.....

  3. What about. Friends of Aussie Heros

  4. Hi Jan-Maree

    How cute is that turtle??
    I think Aussie Hero Sewers works. That's what we are as we don't just quilt, we sew laundry bags. I do also like Christine's suggestion about friends of Aussie Heroes.