Thursday 15 September 2016

Aussie Hero Quilts..... Annual Dinner..... 5 November 2016

Every year there is one date on the Aussie Hero calendar that you do not want to miss 
and this year that date is .........

Usually these dinners are held in my home... which might be a bit hard this year..... but we have been fortunate enough to be invited to hold the dinner in the Bonshaw Club at HMAS Harman. 

These dinners are a chance for those who sew for Aussie Heroes to meet those on the receiving end. It is a chance for quilters and laundry bag makers to meet each other.  I already know of a few recipients who are excited to meet their quilter or laundry bag maker on the night.  It is also a chance to thank those who have supported us as well. 

It is the social event of the Aussie Heroes year and tickets will be in hot demand....

At last I can release the details....

It will be held at The Bonshaw Club, at HMAS Harman

which is located at 52 McLachlan Street, Jerrabomberra

For those that do not know, Jerrabomberra is in NSW but is actually an outer suburb of Canberra.

It will commence at 1830 and run till 2230....
(that is 630pm til 1030pm for the non-military types)

Tickets are limited, so you will need to book and pay for yours as soon as you can. The cost is $25 and that includes a buffet style meal with beer, wine and soft drinks.  There might even be a little champagne!

What a good deal!!!


For military members.... 

in Navy Speak  the uniform worn is to be S7's
For army it will be 2E
For RAAF to be advised.

For civvies....

collared shirt and dress slacks with shoes for men and equivalent for women.  
Miniatures if you do not have ribbons.  

This dinner promises to be twice the size of the dinners we have had in the past, and being held in Canberra, it will be possible for quite a number of our recipients to attend. 

All Aussie Hero contributors and recipients are welcome.   

So how to book.... Simple!!

Email me on or and reserve your place. Then I will send you the details you need to buy your tickets. As I said above the cost will be $25 per head.

Comments, texts and PMs are great but to actually reserve your tickets please EMAIL ME ONLY 

So far I have people travelling from South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Sydney to be there.  If you are located in Canberra and have a spare room available and would like to host a quilter or two please let me know.  It might be a nice way to return the favour.

Please bring along a laundry bag.....

If you are a quilter or laundry bag maker then you will need to bring along a laundry bag...... it needs to be nautical in flavour seeing as we will be wining and dining in a Naval Establishment.  There will be no initials for these laundry bags and they will be distributed at the discretion of the CO of HMAS Harman, Commander Alison Westwood, herself a quilt and laundry bag recipient.

Make sure you don't miss out on your tickets and EMAIL me as soon as you can.

Till next time..... keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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