Sunday 2 September 2012

September BOM by Kylie Kenny

Before I start tonight's post I just want to send Happy Fathers' Day wishes, to all our wonderful serving Heroes - those that can't be with their kids or their dads or their loved ones in general.  We are thinking of you!

Now Kylie created out Block of the Month for September and I am really looking forward to seeing the resulting quilts from this one.   These are going to be special quilts. 

Sadly we have five new Fallen Warriors as of last week.  It is obvious that we cannot make as many quilts for every family as we are making for our first Fallen Warrior's family, the Diddams family. They will be the first family to receive Fallen  Warrior Quilts, and as such are getting special treatment.  Now we need to be a bit more practical to make sure that we can make fallen warrior quilts in a sustainable manner. 

As long as we get the blessing of the families we will be completing BOM quilts and sending them off as Fallen Warrior Quilts.  We have five to make, sadly.  The two quilts that have resulted from the August Twisted Ribbon Blocks will be two of them and I am hoping that we will end up with at least three quilts from these blocks as they are so simple and fun to do.  I think it is important that everyone gets a chance to contribute to such special quilts and using the BOM blocks for that purpose achieves the aim.

I think we should aim for fairly traditional scrappy quilts that are more or less gender neutral so no flowers or "blokey" motifs like trucks and the like.  If you are not sure what I mean just email me or leave a comment.

I hope that is okay with everyone and now for the BOM instructions:

So, over to Kylie!

Hour Glass or ¼ Square Triangle Block
This month is a very easy and quick block to make, and you make two at the same time which is a bonus. I made the sample block in about 5 minutes.
Let’s make this the best BOM ever….my goal is 100 blocks!
Do you think we can do it?
Choosing Colours:

All you need for these blocks are two colours BUT make sure they are contrasting or light and dark.
Later on I will show you how to make blocks with 4 different colours.
Cut one 9” square of each colour. (2 squares)
I chose this measurement as you can cut 4 squares from a Fat Quarter.
1.      Place the two squares right sides together.
2.      On the reverse of one of the squares draw a line ¼” each side of the diagonal centre. If you find it easier you can draw a line through the diagonal (point to point) and then one  ¼” each side of the centre line.

3.      Stitch across both lines (not the centre line if you drew it).

4.      Cut the blocks apart by cutting across the diagonal.

5.      Iron the seam allowances toward the darker colour.
6.      Place the squares right sides together again with opposite colours matching, and your seam allowances should be sitting in opposite directions. Place a pin in the centre to make sure the centre seam stays aligned.
7.      Draw a line ¼” from the diagonal centre, this time at right angles to the sewn seams.

8      Stitch across the lines, and trim apart as before to yield 2 blocks.
9      Iron the seam allowance either way – doesn’t matter at this stage.
1 Please DO NOT TRIM the blocks before sending, as whoever is making up the top will trim the blocks to a uniform size.
The blocks are now finished – how easy was that?

Please send all finished blocks to 
Aussie Hero Quilts
PO Box 248
Cherrybrook,  NSW  2126
It would be great if you could aim to have your blocks in the mail no later than the end of September.

Some variations…
You can also make these blocks with 4 colours in each block…just cut 4 squares initially in four different colours.

Join the squares into pairs as above, you will have two sets of pairs to do.

Before you join them the second time, swap one square from each pile, which will mean you will end up with 4 squares with 4 colours in each.

How easy is that?

Light/dark blocks joined together:

Again – the blocks combined with 9 patches:

And finally, remember this one
 that the Canberra Quilters made and donated to us.

Great job!  Thanks Kylie!

Till next time..........keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. A Very cool block! I will be making some for sure. A great tutorial. Happy Fathers day to all of you out there.