Thursday 2 August 2012

Claire's Brick Quilt

Welcome to our first quilt feature courtesy of 
Claire of the Turramurra Quilters.

She will be having a pink fit about now
because she didn't know I was going to be doing this!  
Hee Hee!!

Someone, I am sorry I can't remember who, saw Carol's quilt featured on the blog and asked for instructions on how to make it if possible.  
Claire went away and cobbled these instructions together so -
Take it away Claire!

Claire's Brick Quilt

My Brick quilt was made using various coloured fabric strips cut at 5"
and the black fabric was cut at 2.5". 
(I had aimed to have a finished quilt of 42" x 68" but am not sure if that was what I ended up with).
I cut the various 5" strips into rectangles of 10.5" and 6.5"

Make 11 rows
Each row consists of the following:

3 coloured rectangles measuring 5" by 10.5"
1 coloured rectangle measuring 5" x 6.5"
3 black rectangles measuring 2.5" x 5"

To get the brick effect (and not have to worry about matching seams) I alternated each row by either starting or ending the row with a 6.5" rectangle.
In each row, the first 3 coloured rectangles are separated by a black rectangle.
(in each alternate row sew a black rectangle to the right side of 3 of the 10.5" coloured rectangles and, in the next row, a black reactangle is sewn to the right side of one 6.5" rectangle and 2 of the 10.5" rectangles)

Each of the 11 rows has a black 2.5" x 42" strip separating it from the next one and I also put a black strip at the top so the top and bottom have a black strip.......I had originally thought of putting a black border on each long side to frame the quilt, but unless I cut down the size of the bricks the quilt would have ended up wider than the recommended AHQ specifications.
(I cut 12 strips of black fabric 2.5" wide)

Great quilt Claire!  Let me know when you have your next pattern ready to go please. 

And that goes for anyone else.  If you can send me a photo of your finished quilt and simple. clear instruction how to make it - with extra pictures if you like, I would love to feature your quilt as well.

Till next time..................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. thanks Claire for a great tutoial.
    I will print it off as it will be a good one to make in any fabrics for charity quilt......

  2. I found this pattern in a magazine some time ago, and kept it in my 'to do' file until I found the right fabrics. I finally made it using tartan fabrics - and it looks great! It wasn't so hard either, so I'm hoping to do it again some time soon ;- )