Thursday, 5 December 2019

The Mystery Group Quilts..... by Lynn

Well, this group may be small but they are mighty.

For those who do not know of these ladies, they originally came together to assist Jan-Maree in the early days of AHQ.  They made blocks and sent them to her for use in various requests as they came to hand.  At the time of the loss of JM’s house (a house fire in 2016)  I became the ‘leader’ so that the group could keep a supply of blocks coming in to meet requests.  Bless them, they do not know what I have in mind when I put out a Call with just minimum number of details of colour, block size etc.  Just quietly, even I often don’t know what the end result will be, but please don’t tell them.

So bearing all that in mind, early in the month I put out a special Call to this lovely group and I asked them to make me a few blocks to replenish a stash of blocks that I could use to answer requests as quickly as I could.  I gave them colour guidelines and a couple of tutorials and these wonderful ladies met the brief very quickly and sent me lovely batches of blocks. It was like early Christmas at my place.

Here are some of their wonderful work on show in recent request quilts.

Thank you, Mystery Quilt Group, our recipients will love all your work.

and thanks for the blog post Lynn.

Love the Mystery Quilt Group's work!

Well done all.

Til next time... keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


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