Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Happy Mail 10th October 2018


It's a busy time in my Studio with preparations for the Canberra Thank You Dinner 
Weekend.  And it's Spring and my garden calls from time to time ;-)
We have a change of colour happening as the Red & Blue blocks are 
still coming in and the Army Colours are just beginning to arrive.
And I'll let you in on a, I'm preparing the November 
Block of the Month.  Thank you to all who make these lovely blocks
that we use to make quilts for our deployed Aussie Heroes, according 
to their individual Requests.  Enjoy looking.
If you would like to make this month's Block of the Month, please go 
for the Tutorial.

Ann & Jennifer

Irene & Louise

Anne S #1

Anne S #2

Anne S #3

Susan P

Dorothy C #1

Dorothy C #2

Dorothy C #3

Margaret A

Bronwyn W

Wallace House Quilters

Linda L

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