Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Happy Mail 14th March

Welcome to this week's Happy Mail
I am feeling very happy as all these gorgeous Red, White and Black Blocks of the Month
are arriving in my mailbox.  Truthfully, not all of them arrive IN the mailbox.
 So many of them come in packages too large to fit IN my mailbox and they are
hand delivered to my door by postal contractors who knock on the door and then leave,
 or they give me a yell.  I always try to catch them and thank them for
doing their job with a smile on their face...I think they are puzzled about
why I get so much mail...I wonder what goes through their mind...

I open the packages and I smile!
for all your contributions.  Every block goes into a quilt
for an Aussie Hero.

If you would like to make the Block of the Month for March, please go here for the tutorial.

Julie H

Mid Coast Community Quilters #1

Mid Coast Community Quilters #2

Mid Coast Community Quilters #3

Elma A #1

Elma A #2

Melissa B #1

Melissa B #2

Helen O

June A

Dorothy C #1

Dorothy C #2

Lois G

Julianne S

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