Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Words on Wednesday 25 Jan 17

Hi all... 

The day before Australia Day!  I hope you all have your lamb chops and snags and maybe a pav or some lamingtons ready for tomorrow.  I have some lovely people coming for lunch tomorrow, including three Kiwis and a Navy chaplain who is a dear friend and I intend to spoil them with some good Aussie tucker.   Have to make this post short as I have to cook the dinner early so that I can cool down the oven enough to cook a pav later tonight...

Enjoy these messages....


Joan H

I received my quilt today, I must say that you have done a fantastic job, it is just want I wanted to remind me of home. I especially like the design and the poppies that you added. 

A few years ago I heard about what you were all doing at home for us, so when I deployed last time I thought that I would get one made for me and give it to my daughter on my return. That way she has something to remember what her dad did and she can keep it for as long as she likes. 

The one that you have made will go to my son on my return. He loves the Crows and his favourite player is Eddie Betts, he also loves dinosaurs. This way Angus too will have some thing to keep and will remind him of what his dad did. 

I have been in Air Force for 27 years now and I still love my job. I have deployed on numerous occasions and love the support that we get from home.  Your quilt makes it feel all that much more special and it is worth the sacrifice that we make being in the Defence Force. 

My wife is also in Defence, that is how we met. We have two gorgeous children, I miss them very day. 

It is refreshing to know that your son is serving also, you know and appreciate what we are doing for the protection of our country and the part that we play in keeping our children safe for future generations. 

Joan, keep up the great work that you all are doing we all really appreciate all the support from home. 



Good morning Jan-Maree,

I have to start off by saying that the service you and your ladies do is greatly appreciated as the quilts and laundry bags are a highlight for the guys and girls who are deployed. I have received my quilt upon returning to work and yes a little late but well worth waiting for. Yes it will deploy with me next time I’m deployed overseas. Lynn has done a great job with the design and layout with the deer.

Kind regards,

For Laura

Hello ma'am,

                       I'd like to sincerely thank you for the hero quilt that you kindly made and sent to me while I have been deployed to Afghanistan. You created the quilt exactly how I wanted it and I am very impressed with your work as well as your kindness and generosity in supporting myself and other soldiers who are deployed. A little about myself, I am 21 years old and born in Victoria, youngest of 4 children and recently a new proud uncle.  It has been a long trip but a great experience, especially knowing that people like yourself are back in Australia working to support us. I am sincerely thankful for the work you do and how much it means to us all here. I hope you feel great satisfaction in your work. Thank you again, 

Hi Pennie,

Thank you very much for the quilt you have made up for me - I was extremely impressed with the design you have come up with. 

I am writing you a letter in response but work has been a bit hectic so I thought I'd at least email you first to let you know I have received it.

Thank you again for your time and effort, it is greatly appreciated.


Morning Sue

I would like to thank you for the quilt that l received from you yesterday on behalf of AHQ. As there were many designs and being a Submariner l needed to pick the only one with Jolly Rogers on it. The reason behind this is that throughout the world submariners are regarded as the pirates of the sea in all world  Navies. 

Again thank you.

Thank you Joanne,

I am so happy to receive such a wonderful laundry bag and will certainly be a treasure in my household. I greatly appreciate your kind efforts and appreciate your time to make the bag and also put pen to paper.

I have had a very rewarding deployment but must admit am looking to getting back home. 
Once again,
Thanks very much and I hope you have a great xmas and new year.


Hi Joan and Robin,

I received my laundry bag in the mail I'm so happy with it looks fantastic
 it's a welcome change from the grey colour of the ship haha
 thank you very much for taking the time to make it for me, 
I have a picture of its new home.  I will send when i get a fast internet  connection,

hope you had a great Christmas and a happy start to the New Year. 


Hi Clarissa,

I received a parcel recently while deployed overseas and upon opening it I found the lovely laundry bag you made - it made my day!  I'm currently working with many other nations in Iraq and they were very jealous of the quality of the laundry bag.  We also shared the nice snacks that you sent. 

I'm looking forward to getting home to the family in the next few months. It's getting cold over here so it will be a bit of a change when I finally get back to Australia.

I hope that you and your family had a great Christmas and New Year. Thanks again for the lovely gesture. 

Kind regards,  

We recently sent a few quilts to a small Aussie Team that is deployed (or embedded) with a coalition team. They were in need of some colour and comfort in their small recreation room.

"Dear Bennie and Sue,

On behalf of the ADF Embeds here at XXXXXX thank-you so very much for the beautiful quilt which we were thrilled to receive last week. I had one of my colleagues help me hang it up on the otherwise bare walls of our Aussie welfare room. It has certainly added a homely feel, particularly with the gum leaves and kangaroos which have been so carefully added. The timing couldn't have been better as we've just had Christmas and are preparing for Australia Day. It's so lovely to know that we are thought of back home and that people are so willing to take the time to hand craft items in support of our people and efforts. There is certainly something special about receiving a gift from a stranger, which of course now makes us all friends of AHQ. We anticipate being able to get our group together for a photo in front of the quilt in the near future and will send it through when we can.

Thank-you for the snippets of your home life. It sounds like you keep very active with family and volunteer activities and it's great to hear you have a family history of people who have served.

I am a Nursing Officer in the RAAF and have served for 14.5 years. This is my fourth deployment and I was fortunate to receive a quilt and laundry bag on my last deployment. I have a family history of serving personnel as well. My Dad just retired from the Army last year and one of my brothers still serves in the Army. My partner also served for ten years and he has provided fantastic support from the home front.

Once again, thank-you both for your enduring support and thoughts."

Take care and I hope you had a nice weekend.



Hi Debbie,

I received your amazing quilt early in Jan. I've been deployed before and regretted not getting one so I am so happy that I took advantage of your fantastic offer to have one this time around. I work with a lot of British colleagues and we have a lot of British ex-pats that are great value. I love being in the Air Force and I'm proud of the values and contribution we make and I'm also proud to share that with you and your own military heritage. Thank you for sharing some your family history. 

We have a family dog as well that we brought home from the RSPCA a few years ago and my kids love her like she is another member of the family.

Many thanks for your amazing work and I can't tell you how great it feels to be supported by friends at home like yourself. Being away from family and friends definitely takes a heavy toll but things like this make it more tolerable.

I will take a picture and send it back shortly.


Hi Bridget,

I have just received the amazing quilt you made - it was such a surprise. I'm currently deployed with a number of other nations and none of them have ever seen anything like the Aussie Heroes program so it was quite nice to receive this special gift. 

Thank you for the extra special design.   I remember this fabric from when I was a little boy. The quilt has actually just arrived in time as it's getting cold over here and I use it every night to keep warm.

It's been a long but rewarding trip and I am very proud to be serving my country. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot and appreciate Australia from a different perspective. 

I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Thank you so much for the quilt. 

Kind Regards, 

Hi Bridget,

Just a quick email to let you know that I received your quilt today. Please pass on my thanks to Cheri for the embroidery on the quilt.

I like the Blue power puff on the back it shows the friendly rivalry between the services.
I have 2 cats and enjoy sewing as well, I have only started to make quilts but am not at your level quite yet. I have only made baby quilts. Maybe when I retire from the Air Force I will try and get involved with Aussie Quilts to give back.

Thank you for this lovely quilt I will treasure it always as it will remind me of the time spent here.

Gday Janeene

Thank you so very much for the fantastic work you did with my Pink Geelong Football Club 8 year old girl & I thought it was fantastic

I hope you had a great xmas & new year & I wish you all the best for the coming year.  I was lucky enough to be able to go home for my leave which was a really good break. 

The weather has calmed down a lot over here.............instead of being 50 odd degrees, its now mid 20's & very pleasant.

Once again, thank you for the work you & your other wonderful helpers do in supplying the quilts & ldy bags to members of the ADF.

I hope you all have a very happy Australia Day and as usual, spare a thought for our Aussies who are far away from home serving in the name of Australia.

Till next time...... keep spreading the word and happy stitching!