Thursday, 27 October 2016

A great effort from HMAS Darwin......

On Monday this week a small group of quilters accompanied me to HMAS Darwin to attend an afternoon tea.  The purpose of the event was to give the crew a chance to present the funds they had raised to the various charities they had chosen to support during their deployment to the Middle East on Operation Manitou.

For a crew of around 200 their fund raising efforts are absolutely outstanding.   You will never guess how much they raised!!!!  

Over $35000

I think that is amazing!

I was delighted to accept a cheque on behalf of Aussie Heroes for the awesome amount of $8610.
The chaplain explained that as soon as the news spread about the fire in my home they started taking pledges for money and the response was huge.   The extra special thing was that when the time came to make good on the pledge, every single dollar promised was paid and all of this happened in a matter of about five days. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the crew of HMAS Darwin!

Resurgent indeed!

Taylor the assistant dog was there to receive the donation of $2473.

$3158 was raised for the Black Dog Institute

Every ship has a charity that they are aligned with and HMAS Darwin is not different.  Their special charity is the Sir David Martin Foundation which received an amazing $21094.  Wonderful effort. 

After the presentations the ladies that had accompanied me were off on a tour of the ship.....


Jenny P


Hmmm, looks like there are a few people here that need a new laundry bag.....


Hee Hee the hatches might have been a bit of of a challenge..... imagine doing it wearing fire gear!

 Left to right, Bridget, Jenny P, Gail and Moi!

Of course it goes without saying that we all had a wonderful time and we were very well looked after by the Captain, Chaplain and the crew. 

In spite of the warm hospitality though, Bridget, Gail and Jenny were adamant that they could not see themselves living and working in such close confines and were full of admiration for the crew's ability to cope with the tight spaces for long periods, especially on deployment. 

Till next time.......... keep spreading the word and happy stitching!



  1. Their efforts are amazing and such worthy recipients too.