Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Normanhurst Probus and Happy Mail

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to the Normanhurst Probus Club about Aussie Heroes. I really enjoy giving these presentations.  Today there was even one of our lovely ladies in the audience. 

A few days ago the organiser, Ross, emailed me to confirm. He told me that they would be giving me a bottle of wine and asked if I would prefer red or white or was there somerthing else that I would like?  Well I am not much of a wine drinker (now if it were champas.....) so I suggested that they give me the equivalent in lollies for the troops as I am always having to by goodies to go in the boxes I send off. 


Well they outdid themselves.  Ross circulated the info and suggested that people could bring in one or two packets of Aussie lollies!!!  Look what they gave me!!!!

Apparently this is about $140 worth of lollies!!   
Two lovely big boxes!!


And on Monday I had a fellow drop in to pick up his quilt and he gave me a $30 Woollies voucher!!!

Got to love it when Woollies has a "Greater than half price" sale.  

Extra bonus that Minties were on special too!

That will save me a bit of shopping in the next few weeks!!!  

Thanks everyone!!

Happy Mail up next.  The blocks of the month are coming in nicely, thanks to everyone who is making them.

For those who do not know.... every month we publish a tutorial and nominate a colour way. The blocks are all sent in and are made up into quilt tops to match requests as they come in.  If you look at the Weekly Dispatches Posts on the blog for the last two weeks you will see a few of the resulting quilts.

Here are some of the latest blocks to be sent in.  A huge thank you to all the ladies who make the Blocks of the Month, and a big welcome to all the new ladies! 

Thank you!

Anne H 

Diane R 

Dorothy C

Elaine H 

Helen A 

Lyn B 

Noeleen W 

Anne P 

Cassandra P 

Gail MacQ

Jan A 

Jean F 

 Jenny S 

Karina P 

Till next time.... keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx


  1. Awesome goodies indeed! The blocks are wonderful too.

  2. I can imagine the recipients of the sewn items munching on the goodies while they have a good squiz at their quilts and laundry bags... with big smiles on their