Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Show and Tell

Well, while you were sitting back last night having a cuppa or perhaps a glass of wine, this lovely lady was learning how to make her first laundry bag.  Last week she came and had a lesson with me in how to do applique so she could put letters on her bags and last night she came back and learned how to put the bag together.

Now sure that is pretty cool, she has made her first laundry bag, but what you also need to know is that this is not just any laundry bag maker or quilter.   It just so happens that earlier this year she returned from her own deployment in Kabul where she received her own quilt, made by Lynn and Debbie, and her laundry bag made by yours truly.  Not only is she sewing for us, she stepped in to help out at Government House and also at the Quilt and Craft Fair.   She is also about to send off her first THREE quilts!  Talk about paying it forward!  You have got to love it when the recipients get involved. 

More good news.... Aussie Hero Quilts features in the latest Down Under Quilts as well.

Watch out for it at your newsagency or quilt shop!

Till next time..............keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx


  1. Lovely to see a happy smiling recipient and quilt and laundry bag maker!! Well done to her!! Must go find that magazine and have a read.

  2. Great effort.

    The photos in that article look awesome too.