Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday - BOM Update

Hooley Dooley!  Do we have a lot of BOM blocks.  I would love to know what it is that made you all sew up a storm for this month.  I haven't counted them - as I haven't had time!- but there are enough there for several quilts and by the end of this week I hope to have blocks sorted and in the mail to several volunteers who have offered to sew them together.  Three lots will stay here so that we can put them together for the latest Fallen Warrior Quilts, the rest will be sent on their way to other quilters.

I am not sure that all have been received yet bot no one else has let me know that theirs are on their way so maybe these are the last. 

These cheery bright ones are from Pauline.

Karen B sent these ones.

Julie, my sister-in-law made these ones.

Louise from the NSW central coast sent these down - along with some quilt tops that you will see in Wednesday night's post.

Last but not least, these blocks came today from Wendy from VIC.

Now, these may not be BOMs but they are the last of the FWQ blocks to arrive made by Sue S.

Okay, well I am off to work now.  I hope to get all the blocks for the Diddams quilts in the mail this week.  Just need to sort backings and labels etc.  

Till next time..................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. So many blocks, it's wonderful. Jan-Maree you did say you hoped to get lots, I think 100 was mentioned and this was an easy block while still being fun. Lots more work to do on them though, but I think this is a great way to get lots of people involved. Now, we are all poised, rotary cutter in one hand, pins in the other ... waiting to find out what next month's BOM will be.

  2. Jan-Maree the blocks you have listed as coming from Maria from W.A are actually the one that I sent from me Wendy from Victoria

  3. Have popped another dozen in the post today....
    I think the reason you are getting lots is it's just a quick easy block to put together.......

  4. I have still got the ones I told you about at the seeing day but have not actually got past the cutting stage! Will let you know when I get them done. Wendy

  5. I could tell you what next months BOM is going to be Janine, but I'd rather keep you all in suspense a while little secret I will divulge, that I've discussed with JM, is that the next one is a two October and Novembers blocks will link together! Clear as mud hey? lol

    Great blocks by all, can't wait to see the quilts when they're done.