Monday 1 December 2014

Frank - The Reply and the Return.......

Well, we have heard from Frank a couple of times now so his creator, Stephanie, thought she should write back and explain a few things....


Dear J
It is clear to me that I owe you an explanation about some of Frank's behaviour.
It all seams to have started when I lost my concentration while stitching 'Legoman'  to the bag.  I went off the edge and had to unpick some stitches.  I suspect that this has caused some mental scarring because I was sewing across the top of his head at the time.
Little did I know that the LB  would become such a character.  I feel  there was always potential for him to be a bagful,  but to be so demanding at such a young age!  I mean, he's only just 2 months old and very advanced for his age. Yes you're right, I am talking just like a grandma.  He is my special Grand LB.
I can see that he is going to have an adventurous life with you and I hope he starts to get over his 2 month old tantrums soon.   Keeping the upper hand with him is going to be challenging but you are obviously firm but fair with him.  I believe his big brother has probably arrived by now. OMG You are going to have your hands full.

Nanna Stephanie


Yo! How’s your thread treating you Stephanie? Oops..caught.

Hello Stephanie!

Apologies, Frank was at my laptop and I’ve had to shoo him away. I am sure he is getting cheekier by the hour!

So, a fair bit –yet not much- has happened since I last wrote, Frank and I have had a few adventures, but the biggest change is we are now back in Oz. Mind you, I just had to explain to Frank that I know we didn’t follow a yellow brick road, and I know we were on an aircraft. Oz is just an abbreviation for Australia…sometimes I forget how much he doesn’t know.

Anyway, I had to leave due to medical reasons, so Frank and I had our Middle Eastern adventure cut short. However, before we left, I was able to take Frank into Afghanistan and he took a few selfies and had his photo taken with the great Loadmasters on board.

Once we touched down in the different locations you could definitely start feeling the difference in temperature. The snow on the mountains was beautiful to see, and the coolish breeze a blessing, especially after only having sand and heat as the daily routine. Mind you, I do feel for those poor members that are there over Christmas-it’s going to be chilly! Good thing great people like yourself send quilts :-)

Due to the generosity of a few AHQ-ers, Frank also made a new friend – Pelly the Pelican, he ate a few Tim Tams and he also built some Lego.

 What a great bunch of kind hearted individuals at AHQ! Receiving the letters and parcels whilst I was over there lifted my spirits a fair bit, and Frank enjoyed scrounging through the boxes to see what he could hide from me…

Unfortunately, some photos I took have been lost. My iPhone stopped charging whilst I was overseas, and when I went into Apple they replaced the whole phone with a new one. So, some photos are lost forever, but I am sure that Frank will still have plenty of adventures in the future.

He did spend some time with a LB before I left, apparently her name is Josephine. Her material is Halloween pumpkins (black with purple pumpkins). Definitely unique. She was found left behind in a room and was adopted by my friend ‘M’. We are not sure how long she has been around for, she does look well-loved though.

Not much exciting happened here since the last time I wrote – other than spending 48hrs in another location (Frank believes he earns the title War Bag now…) 

and travelling home. 

On the flight home Frank enjoyed the hospitality of the Emirates air hosts 

and also enjoyed the on board entertainment.

He has a few plans now he is back in Oz, and I’m sure you will hear from us in the future.

Have a great day Stephanie. And thanks for making such a unique LB :-)


And just in case you are wondering at the reference Nanna Stephanie made to Frank's big brother......

This should explain everything - 

and if you look closely you can see Frank sulking in the background!

 Till next time....................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx


  1. W.O.W !! These are astonishing creations!!

  2. I do so enjoy reading about Frank...and then to hear from Grandma Stephanie was the icing on the cake. Hope "J" is fit an well.

  3. Awesome :Lego quilt...I want one too!