Tuesday, 10 November 2020

A special Grati-Tuesday Post from Jan-Maree.......Thank You Thank You Thank You

Normally tonight we would be publishing the usual weekly Grati-Tuesday Post but this week I have asked the ladies to push it back to tomorrow night as I just opened the most amazing parcel from the Middle East and I need to jump straight in to say a huge and heartfelt thank you. 

Often when we receive thank you messages, the recipient proclaims their quilt to be the best ever made. Well I am so sorry to all of those who have gone before me because I can unequivocally state that I now own the bestest quilt ever made for anyone, anywhere. 

It seems that a wonderful bunch of ladies on deployment in the Middle East Region got together and used their skills to make a quilt for ME!!! I am told by my sources that they got together every Saturday for months to sew it which is so incredibly humbling as they get precious little time off whilst on deployment earlier in the year and to spend some of that time making this for me is so very generous of them. 

A huge, huge thank you to the ladies involved...

Kate M

Monique L

Marianne O'D

Andrea F

Jodie M

Carol McQ

You ladies are the absolute best and just love what you have created for me!  Please do get in touch if you are ever in Sydney. I would love to show you HQ AHQ and share a cuppa with you. 

Not only did they sew a quilt but it has been signed by lots and lots of other people on deployment over there.  So many wonderful messages that I have not yet had the time to sit and read them all as I wanted to jump on the computer and tell you how much I love it straight away. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to write a message on this wonderful quilt. 

Obviously Charlie has given it the seal of approval too... actually try and put anything on the floor here and get a photo without his supervision...not possible. Just as well he is cute!

As if the quilt was not enough, they threw in a box of shortbread camels.... how cute are these! I will be saving these to enjoy as Christmas gets closer.... or maybe for Christmas Day!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a very precious gift. I will treasure this quilt for as long as I live and it will be well used. 

Till next time... keep being awesome. 

Much love, Jan-Maree xx  


  1. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. It is so nice to be so loved by so many strangers. You can truly believe YOU have made a difference. Love and prayers to you, Diane G. (Please give a taste test report on the camels!).

  2. OH WOW!! Jan-Maree this is HUGE. What an wonderful thing for these troops to do. The shortbread Camels are the perfect touch and so so cute!! A wonderful, thoughtful, gift and so well deserved by you. There is not a quilt that could ever top this quilt..............ever!!! Regards, Deb Kaye