Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Grati-Tuesday 6 Dec 16

Some gorgeous messages tonight, including one that is extra special. One of Lynn's recipients was motivated to write to Lynn again and tell her how much her quilt still means to her..... just lovely.....

Lynn (and Arthur),
One year ago I was deployed overseas, trying to find the right words to express to you my gratitude for your very kind and generous gift of a quilt that you had made for me. I still find myself as appreciative of your kindness as I did when I received your parcel. I wanted to take the time to send you this email to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy 2017. I usually send out Christmas cards to the people I have been grateful to from the past year, however as I do not have a postal address for you, I hope this email will suffice.

Lastly, thank you again, Lynn, your kindness. I feel like I can't say it enough, but it truly will never be forgotten.

Wishing you and the family a happy and safe holiday period,

Kindest regards,


Dear Rita,
Wow! Thank you so much for the quilt you made for me, it is fantastic !! I can’t find the words to tell you how much I’m impressed by your effort and the quality of your work, the finished product is beyond my expectations, you are a very skilled quilter. I have shown many friends over here and some that I have sent pictures to back home, they are all jealous and want to know where they can get one, hahaha I tell them this is a one off, made especially for me. I will treasure it forever and it will always be a special way to remember my time over here.
Glad you got to show it off at the dinner at HMAS Harman, it is worthy of display and I will find a ‘pride of place’ position for it, on display at home - once I eventually get there. 

Receiving gifts such as your quilt, makes it all worth it, to know that people at home support us and appreciate our sacrifice, it really means a lot to all of us here and makes the separation from home that little bit easier. Many thanks to your organisation, your effort and that of Jan Maree's, it is a great idea and a wonderful service you provide for all of us on deployment.

So thanks again Rita, it is a fantastic quilt and once again, thank you for your support and encouragement, I really appreciate it.



Hi Loma,

Thank you and your family for the lovely quilt, it is great and I am using it now as it is getting quite cool overnight. I have spent 20 years in the military both in the Army and Air Force. This is my second deployment to the Middle East in the last 2 years and this one is coming to an end. Once again thank you Loma for the time and thought in making this quilt. All the personnel that receive these gifts over here appreciate the effort everyone puts into these gifts and it makes the time over here easy knowing people back home care.

Yours Sincerely,


Hi Jean,

Thank you so much for all your efforts behind the laundry bags I received recently and also for the letter.

Happy to let you know I only just returned to work today from a two week holiday/break and they were all collected by people before I even went to lunch today. It really does put a smile on peoples faces over here and that is the special part of being the point of contact for Aussie Hero Quilts I get to see the excitement first hand :) 

Sending all my love and wishes.

Dear Joy H 

I wanted to say a huge thankyou for the amazing quilt you made an\d sent me. I was so touched by your gift and amazed at your skills. I'm lucky I can sew a button on!!  I hope your 2016 was well spent & that 2017 holds some amazing things for you. Your gift really brightened the end of my deployment & I'm looking forward to making my own cubby when I get home! Thank you 


Dear Thelma,

Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt & laundry bag!! They have brightened my room considerably.  You do get sick of the constant desert colours so stepping into my room is a nice change of pace. The extra laundry bag is also a godsend, as now I can have one getting washed & the other being filled up with dirty clothes.

I thing they are both beautiful designs and also love the writing at the bottom (it’s a perfect size) the name on the side was a great addition too!!

Thanks again for the quilt  & laundry bag. Also the vegemite . I’m a big vegemite fan and it is rarely seen .
Thank you again, it has really brightened my room.

Hi Jacqui
No words will describe the appreciation of what I received today from you - an absolutely fabulous quilt to receive from a person I have never met but humbled by the fact you took the time to put this wonderful quilt together. I am sure you were challenged but I think you appreciated the fact we, as nurses, like to highlight our contribution to the ADF when appropriate. 

The Corp Badge means a lot to me and so do the other badges you put together really well. It has already been placed on top of my bed and hit FB page amongst my friends and family with a BIG thanks to "Jacqui S."

Your experiences from OR to the valuable work as a volunteer must be fascinating and as mentioned very rewarding with your OR skill set - what a wonderful thing for you to do in your retirement (sincerely well done to you!!)

The other soldiers have been receiving their quilts and as mine they have been outstanding and well appreciated by all thus far I am in two minds about keeping this special quilt or having it mounted in our unit's mess as a reminder of my deployment and that we are appreciated by special people that we do matter - thank you Jacqui
Best wishes

Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email saying a big thank you for my beautiful Flamingo quilt- Jan-Maree just emailed me and told me that it was your first one.

I can't express my thanks for all your hard work and kind thoughts, I truly love it and can't wait until I get to show my kids when I get home.

I come from a long line of Military members, my Dad is a Vietnam Veteran, my husband is ex Army and my Mum makes quilts for Aussie Hero Quilt so my quilt is extra special- I wish that Aussie Hero Quilts was around back in my Grandparents and Dads day.

Please say a huge thank you to your dogs, cats and chooks for observing and to your 2 children for the photo duties.

It is an amazing job that you are doing, it brings a lot of joy to receive all the beautiful quilts and Laundry bags- knowing all the time and effort that has been put into them.

There are a lot of members that are serving over here that have it pretty tough so thank you.

Have a great Holiday season and thank you again.

P.S. I love the fabric on the back with the different birds and Flamingo- as well as the blue kangaroo one. Great fabric choices all around


Till next time... keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xxx


  1. I love reading these thank you notes... Thanks for sharing them!