Friday, 11 November 2016

Remember the Australian Soldier by Captain Lisa Ride....

Last week I asked people to write in and share some of their family stories about service with us.   Only one person has written in so today is all hers. 

Thank you Lisa, for sharing your story.....

Why Remembrance Day is important to me:

By way of introduction my name is Lisa Ride. I was an Army Reserve officer of 35 years service. Not always 'effective' as they say due to children,  jobs family commitments, a service spouse etc I was never deployed. My passion was supporting those who serve full time. Unfortunately affected by Parkinsons I'm unable to continue serving but I make Aussie Hero Quilts so I guess I'm  still in support of those who serve!

Last year I made a very special personal quilt for a competition entitled 'true blue.' I took true blue to mean Aussie service to country. For my entry I made this photographic quilt to show pride in my family's continued military service through the generations on both sides, both mum and dad's.

It was the first photographic quilt that I had made and I had a little trouble with rotating images. It wasn't until after I had finished the quilt that I realised that I had 'flipped' myself in one of the photos, therefore my uniform is reversed. These things are sent to try us!

I actually entered the competition too late. Competition rules stipulated that the quilt had to be finished by a certain date. Unfortunately I only came across a competition the day before applications closed.  The judging panel liked my concept so much that I was given the honour of having my quilt shown near the final winning entries (from memory I think there were 30) in Melbourne's 2015 quilt and craft fair. Even though it was the 100th anniversary of the Anzac landing only a few of the quilts made reference to military service.

My little quilt generated much discussion and I even heard it being talked about on ABC radio .....particularly my reversed photograph.

Remember the Australian Soldier
by Captain Lisa Ride
Australian Army Reserve (1981-2016)
I am an Australian soldier, I stand tall and proud and true
I train and fight for freedom, I honour my country and I protect you
Established in the Sudan and Boer I’ve always done you proud
With Volunteers and Regiments from Federation to conflicts now
The First World War (sheer tragedy) we lost too many men
And the women who supported- the nurses who cared for them
From our fateful landing upon the ANZAC Cove
The mateship that we honour is bound by all we know
To the Aussie soldier courage, teamwork and initiative are barely but a start
For professionalism, loyalty and innovation are clearly in our heart
From World War II and wars beyond, from Vietnam to peace keeping today
Australian soldiers are deployed around the globe from their families far away
And I know each soldier joins the ranks because they feel it too-
It’s the spirit of the Aussie digger; it’s what we call “true blue"
But "contact front" can take a life; a new name to cast upon the wall
In bronze to forever commemorate another loss too great to call
Recently we’ve lost Russell, Pearce, Locke and Wood
McCarthy, Lambert, Marks
Forty-one names for me to recite
Please keep them in your hearts
For green on blue is not the way a soldier’s meant to die
As any loss of life in war is so hard to justify
And those returning still live the hell, the smells, sights sounds and fear
That follow them in dreams and thoughts, some take them to despair
Sadly the number of soldiers affected by PTSD who have taken their own lives
Is far outweighed by the names cast in bronze, those men we highly prize
This growing toll also sacrificed so that we may live in peace today
Please stand tall and proud to honour that gift; God bless their souls I pray
Give strength to those who loved them best as we remember them always
We will honour their ANZAC spirit to the very end of days
But in life’s passing their mateship is still here with you
I believe it's standing by your side
I ask that you remember the Australian Soldier
With love and hope and pride
Notes: Updated: 17 July 2016
If I have used a loved ones name, I do so with the greatest of respect. RIP good soldier.
To those who serve God bless you.

Thank you for sharing your story and your beautiful poetry Lisa!

Till next time... we will remember them.

Lest we forget.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Thank you for your srvice. I also loved your quilt and your poem.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Sue. Anzac Day is very special to me. I haven't made a quilt for Aussie Hero for a while now due to ill health. Maybe it's time for me to get of my (ever expanding) rear and make one!!