Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Laundry Bags......


More laundry bags....

Our guys and girls in the Air Task Group want more laundry bags.  

Would you like to make some.  They do not have to be personalised.

They can be simple ones with patches on them or something a little fancier with some applique to jazz them up.  They can even be one of our almost trade mark tea towel laundry bags.

They can be masculine or gender neutral.  Please no feminine or floral ones. No pinks.

I would like to be sending two boxes of five per week to the chaplain over there so that she can distribute them so if you are interested in helping please let me know when you would like to make them . I need two boxes of 5 to be posted each week except for the 19th of December when I would like 4 boxes to go a we won't bother between Christmas and New Year.   The date listed is the date by which to post.  I will endeavour to update the table as we go along so you can see when all the dates are spoken for.

NOTE... please include a letter from you explaining who you are and why you sew for us inside EVERY laundry bag and include your name and contact details in case your recipient would like to thank you.   It is also okay to include treats in your box and they will be placed in the common area to cheer the spirits of all personnel.

5 Dec 16
Two boxes each week except 19 Dec

12 Dec 16

19 Dec 16
Four boxes this week

3 January

9 January

16 January

23 January

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Jan-Maree  xx

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