Thursday, 10 November 2016

Aussie Heroes Visit HMAS Darwin... In Brisbane.....

After most of us doing the scenic route at the Port of Brisbane, 19 Aussie Hero Quilters and a their husbands & sons who were not to be left behind, gathered for ID verification and transport to where HMAS Darwin was birthed. It was another ID check on board and we were all given our ship “Escort” pass after surrendering our Driver’s Licences. Three groups were formed with Able Seaman Knight, Taylor and Axford being our guides for the afternoon. Thank you gentlemen!

Whilst some of us were enjoying a post dinner breakfast, another lucky group were heading off to visit HMAS Darwin while she was in Brisbane.

Heather was one of the visitors and she kindly volunteered to write it up for us... 

Over to you Heather....

First stop was the Operations room – the heart of all the action. From here the Commanding Officer directs and oversees the multitude of electronic equipment – radar, sonar, night vision, weapon control etc so many dials, knobs, screens, switches ... just like in the movies.... This was the only area where photos were not permitted.

Up to the Bridge then – once again more controls and where we met the young lady who steers the ship at times .... yay for the females! She reckons she just does what she is told but geez, what a responsibility!

Down ladders and we were all a bit lost as to where we were on the ship. With a crew of about 220, life on board is very cosy. Checked out the Officer’s Ward room and then further to the crew quarters – 6 packs of bunks. Yes we did see some Aussie Hero Quilts and a few laundry bags hanging up! I think a few more are needed there...

I’m glad I don’t have to cook in their galley – it would be a hot one when stoves and ovens are fired up. Six chefs keep the crew well fed – caramel slice was being prepared for dessert that night.

One of the biggest surprises for us was to see the “fold-up” helicopter. Apparently it is a very busy piece of equipment on deployment and exercise, flying out a couple of times a day.

In all it was a very interesting tour. Our guides looked after us well and they certainly appreciate the work of the Aussie Hero Quilters!

Many thanks from all of us, Jan-Maree, for organising this visit - In the midst of the annual dinner preparations, I might add!

We all agreed that in the New Year, we will arrange a gathering for a chat and cuppa.



And many thanks to Heather for writing this up for us. 

Till next time..............keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx


  1. Awesome! Would love to have been able to visit HMAS Darwin but our dinner at HMAS Harmon on Saturday night was the highlight of my year....very memorable...loved it :o) Thankyou Jan Maree and all concerned!

  2. It was an interesting tour. Thank you Jan-Maree for your organisation of it on top of everything else. It will be good to be able to catch up with each other again in the New Year.