Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A Quilt.... Amazing by LTCOL Barham Ferguson

A few weeks ago I asked my friend and recipient, LTCOL Barham Ferguson, if he would be able to craft a poem that described what it meant to receive a quilt from us. Barham is an incredibly talented write of poetry and prose and has already published a book called Love, Life and ANZAC Biscuits, which can be purchased at the Australian War Memorial among other places.  A couple of days before the dinner, Barham sent this to me and Chaplain Mark Willis was kind enough to read it out for us at the dinner.

A Quilt Amazing

A parcel standard,
In the bag,
Shifts softly with the letters.

A parcel standard.
Wrapped with tape,
With words but no type-setters.

A parcel standard,
Named with care,
Sent with love from home.

A parcel standard,
Torn apart.
The contents too well known.

A quilt amazing,
Soon unfolds.
The colour and the shapes.

A quilt amazing,
Soft to touch.
The heart, delighted, aches.

A quilt amazing,
Made with love,
And crafted to perfection.

A quilt amazing,
My morale.
Now gets a resurrection.

A quilt amazing,
Keeps me warm,
The simple-est of pleasures

A quilt amazing.

Travels home.
An heirloom each one treasures.

Barham J. R. Ferguson

2 November 2016

The laundry bag I made for Barham whilst he was deployed in South Sudan.

Till next time...... keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  

Jan-Maree xx