Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Happy Mail 10 December

G'day all.  Well in some ways there is not a lot of happy mail but in other ways we hit the jackpot. Instead of blocks which need to be made up into quilts this time I received four beautiful complete quilts.  

The first four are from Clare. I am not sure how she managed to make these as she has not long moved house, or at least it seems not long ago to me!

These last two are from Lisa N including this gorgeous quilt which I will hold over as a Fallen Warrior Quilt (and hope I never have to use it)

And this photo does not do this quilt justice!  It is really soft and pretty and very cozy looking.

It is that time of the year I guess, when people start getting ready for Christmas and the New Year and maybe even some holidays.  I will be reducing the number of blog posts a bit over December and January.  Instead of five posts a week, there will be around three or so. If something happens that is worth sharing I will do an extra post here and there but otherwise I will be back Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Posts will return to normal sometime in mid to late January - a date yet to be confirmed. I will be around answering the emails and putting out the request lists etc. 

Till next time.....................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx