Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Anti Piracy Actions

Well, it seems that HMAS Darwin is not the only crew that has to take action again pirates!  I have been made aware that there is a blogger in the States that is re-publishing the Aussie Hero posts on their own blog without my permission, or even without the courtesy of giving credit or a link to the blog.  In blogland, it is quite acceptable to use a photo or some information from someone else's blog but it is only appropriate to give credit to that blog and to link back to it. This is not happening.  

So, for a while at least, the following statement will have to be included in my posts until hopefully we stop this person from taking this action.  

If you are not reading this post on                       http://aussieheroquilts.blogspot.com.au/ it is pirated content.  No other website is authorised to use my work.  Please click the name of my blog to go to my real site and please help spread the word about this site’s unethical use of other people’s work.  The best way to do that is to fire off a polite email to contentcomplaints@secureserver.net

The only other action I can take is to email the address above and lodge a complaint which I have done.  Hopefully they will take action.  
We are not alone.  They are doing the same thing to MANY different blogs.  So, please bear with me while this happens for a little while at least.

Till next time......JMxx


  1. Can't get past the cheek of that blogger, glad you have taken them on. They picked a fight with the wrong crew because when they say 'You and whose Army?' Just point to the combined branches of the ADF.

  2. they are stealing from all over

  3. Unreal how can people do this? What is their reasoning? I hope it gets shut down soon.

  4. That's utterly disgraceful behaviour. Let's hope they are shamed and shut down. Why on earth, if they love the project so much, do they not simply just link to it in their own post, and ask that all their friends come on over here to support us? There's no excuse for plagiarism. I wonder if an email from those high up in the food chain might nip them in the bud?
    @Trash, love your "you and who's army" comment...

  5. Several bloggers on my reading list have complained about this. I don't know which blog it is - would love to go see if they have pinched anything of mine.